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  1. Hello guy's , I've been trying to fix this problem , when the players hit level 99/50 they choose the option to Rebirth in the Job Quest Warper. But it did not warp them over , do guide on how to fix this . if (select(" ~ Want to become a ^0055FF"+jobname([email protected])+"^000000 class: ~ ^777777"+((getargcount() > 1)?"Go back":"Cancel")+"^000000") == 1) { mes "[Job Warper]"; mes "You are getting Warped to "+callfunc("F_InsertArticle",jobname([email protected]))+" Quest Npc!"; if ([email protected]==4001 && .LastJob) set lastJob, Class; //mes [email protected]; goto Job; if([email protected] >= 7 && [email protected] <= 20){ warp "yuno_in02",93,163;//Warps here !!!! //specialeffect2 EF_ANGEL2; specialeffect2 EF_ELECTRIC; close; } }
  2. If there are errors of "[Error]building_callfunc: Function not Found! [Dispell] and [DEBUG] source (NPC): Event_management (invisible/not on a map)". The solution is download the dispell script the stolao released .
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