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  1. Free

    Free Ceres Integration with Thor Patcher Design

    Terms and Conditions:
    I really don't care if you remove my name in the credits and claim it as yours.
    I really dont care where you want to use it whether you sell it etc...
    You can redistribute it and read number 2.

    How to put contents on the pages:
    You can see all the pages at the content folder
    If you want to set the first content the user will see just edit the motd.php
    To edit the link you need to find the anchor tags(<a></a>) at the index.php



  2. Free

    FluxCP Registration Addon via Facebook

    This is a an alternative solution for those who cant make there Email Verification feature to work in there Registration System.
    It uses Facebook to identify if the user has a valid Email Address.
    1.) Making your Facebook Application within Facebook
    As you may know in order for this Addon to work you must create an application in facebook.
    1.1: Login to your facebook account at http://www.facebook.com
    1.2: After you login to your facebook account kindly goto https://developers.facebook.com
    1.3: In developers homepage yoo will see a link name App, click it
    1.4: When your already in the apps facebook you will see the Create New App button, now click it
    1.5: A dialog box will appear, just fill up the necessary fields.
    1.6: After you finished filling up the on the dialog box you will be redirected to your newly created Application Settings
    1.7 The default page whenever you want to edit your application is the Basic Settings page.
    2.) Basic Settings Application Configuration
    2.1: In the Basic Settings page the most important field you need to edit is the App domain ( You will put here the Address where you want to run the Application ex: http://www.mydefaultro.com if you do not specify the App domain the Addon might not work properly), now click also the Website you will enter there also the Address where you will run the Application.
    2.2: Now Save it. It might take several minutes for the settings to take effect.
    3.) Auth Dialog Settings Application Configuration
    3.1: In the Auth Dialog Settings Page just scroll at the very bottom and you will see Authenticated Referrals, now click it.
    3.2: In Authenticated Referrals, in User & Friends Permission kindly enter the value "email" without the doubles quotesbecause the application must ask first a permission to know about the user's email.
    3.3: Now click Save Changes.
    4.) FluxCP Addon Configuration
    4.1: We are now in the FluxCP Addon. Put the addon in the addons folder of your FluxCP.
    4.2: Now edit the config/addon.php and fillup the following:
    * For "FB_API_KEY" enter the Api Id that facebook provided to you, this can be seen in the basic settings of your Facebook Application. This key will be your public api id.
    * For "FB_API_SECRET_KEY enter the Api Secret that facebook provided to you, this can be seen in the basic setting of your Facebook Application. This key will be your private apli id. Kindly do not share this to others.
    Other Configuration's are:
    * 'NoCase' - set to true if you dont want a case sensitive comparison
    * 'UseMD5' - set to true if you want to use MD5 password
    * 'level' - set this to what will be the default level/group_id of the user after registration.
    5.) The Database
    5.1: In schemas folder you will find a .sql file named cp_fb_register, kindly import in your database. This will use for the Facebook Login Addon that I will develop in the future.
    Now run the Addon, Hope it works and Hope you understand my English Sorry I cant provide the Screenshot version of the guide because Im having a hard time making the screenshot due to make broken touchpad.
    Updated version of this addon can be found at: https://github.com/m...-Facebook-Addon
    Future Updates:
    Login Feature - you can use your facebook account to login to the Control Panel
    Auto Login after Registration



  3. Free

    Login Screen Slicer

    This is a login slicer for you to create your own login screen. This program is not developed by me. The 800x600 Iam missing that one



  4. Free

    FluxCP Addon: Vote For Points

    This is my vote for points addon for FluxCP that I code from scratch.
    Added Anti-Proxy using PHP $_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR'] - I hope it work
    NPC Script is included see npc script folder
    You can turn off the IP blocking feature which will result to account base blocking system.
    Allowed image to be uploaded to the database is .gif | .jpeg | .jpg | .png

    Some Guides:
    To disable the ip blocking feature just set the 'IP_BLOCKING' to FALSE at config/addon.php
    To edit the max file size upload just edit 'MAX_FILE_SIZE' to whatever file size you want at config/addon.php

    Note: If the IP Blocking System is turn on, the blocking system is IP Address Based and Account Based. While if the IP Blocking System is turn off the blocking system is Account Based only.




  5. Free

    MobDB.txt Edittor

    .Net Framework 3.5
    Windows OS

    Add New Mob
    Edit Existing Mobs
    Search Function - allows you to search a mob easily
    Delete Existing Mob
    Configurable Mob Attributes Values see MobInfo.xml

    This is my first version of MobDB.txt edittor. Im not very good in C#.net programming so you may find some bugs or errors. If you found bugs or errors or you have some suggestion kindly report it to me.



  6. Free

    Free Thor Patcher Integrated

    Terms and Conditions:
    I dont care if you remove my name on the credits
    I dont care where you want to use it whether you sell it etc..
    This is a free to use.



  7. Free

    Free Neon Cube Patcher

    Terms and Condition:
    I dont care if you remove my name in the credits.
    I dont care where you want to use it whether you sell it etc..
    This is free to use and you can redistribute it.



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