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  1. Hi guys, Have you source developers ever thought that rAthena was too limiting, and decided to use another game engine that looks like RO to fit your needs?
  2. Hi there, Have there been any successful server modifications that are open right now, that used ragnarok online emulator as an engine?
  3. The concept in mind that I have is that the NPC would be generated based on the input of a player.
  4. Let's say I get a NPC that loads before the one below to set @mapname$ = prontera. @mapname$,97,147,0 script exampleNPC 48,{ mes "hi"; close; } It doesn't work (obviously because it's not within the brackets) Is there a method for a NPC to spawn/create another NPC? I have some unique uses in mind for this.
  5. The command: specialeffect2 <effect number>{,<send_target>{,"<Player Name>"}}; Is good and all, but what if I wanted an effect to be applied to a part of the map based on coordinates instead of a NPC name. Is it possible without the use of functions?
  6. Hello there everyone! So I'm trying to add job restrictions to items, and I stumbled on this piece of information: So say I want to do all classes EXCEPT Acolyte. What would it be? The wiki fails to provide information regarding this, only showing "Every job except novice". Would I have to do this manually? Adding the hex values of every class except for acolyte? This doesn't seem like the answer. The acolyte is just an example. I would really like to learn how to know how to do this. Another one I stumbled across is "Everyjob except Thief: 0xFFFFFFBF". Can anyone educate me?
  7. Lets say i change the warp portals of a map and want to remove the red dots. So from my understanding, I would need to GRF extract of some kind and from the gravity's grf I would find the .bmp. But where would i place it afterwards?
  8. Let's say I enable a bow to be used by a swordsman or any class. How would I make this possible without an error/invisible weapon? If I equip it, I would get an error (understandable) and then when I attack monsters I would be holding an invisible sword. How do I make it so that, a swordsman, can use a bow without this error? Is it as simple as copy/pasting the weapon sprites to the folder? IIRC job sprites also have a role in weapon usage.
  9. Thank you all for your suggestons. But it's obvious I can only do either: a) remove alberta npcs from various files or duplicate the map
  10. Hi there, You've all been really helpful so far! I've got anorher quick question. For the item db #1-499, they're not in use. Is there a reason items start at 500... Then 501 and so on? Also, would it be safe to use item id #1-499 for my server's custom items?
  11. Are you against instancing the map? Instancing would allow you to make a 'duplicate' of the map, without adding a separate rsw. It literally makes a mirror of the map and you are able to specify which NPCs (or none) carry over. Regards, ~Azura Skyy That's an interesting feature. The limitations seem to be that only a single party and members can enter though. I'd like the map accessible by anybody, as if it were any other map. If I were to use instances, would it be possible to do that?
  12. Hey, is there any way to disable all npcs on a city? It seems town npcs are usually scattered among many files. For instance, an alberta npc is located in... npc/merchants/icecream.txt Is there a faster way at disabling all npcs on a map(mapflag or otherwise) then only allowing npcs from "npc/custom_albertanpc.txt"? (Looking for solutions without duplicating the map)
  13. Quick question about Item DB. What are some free item IDs range? What are # of free item ids in the latest hercules build that is free to use? As in what is a general range of item ids unused? e.g. 33000-34000, etc. That are not used? 20002/20003 for example are not listed in item_db.conf, however they are in "system/iteminfo.lua" So what are some safe item numbers(preferably in large ranges) to use?
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