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  1. @all! Hi and good day! I would like to seek help on this particular script I know its possible but i cant seem to make it work Adding a createchatroom command to the script So it goes like, When the Player starts fishing it'll create a chatroom Saying something like "Fishing or watever" this is my script > jawaii,191,299,0 script School of Fish 723,{ //Fishing rod set [email protected],2764; //Fishing Lure set [email protected],2775; //Auto-Fish set [email protected],1; //Auto-Fish on Fail set [email protected],1; Fish: if (isequipped([email protected])) && (isequipped([email protected])){ specialeffect EF_BUBBLE,"Fishing Hole"; dispbottom "[Fishing] Casting..."; set [email protected],50; if (isequipped(2550)) { //Fisher's Muffler set [email protected],[email protected] - 2; } if (isequipped(2443)) { //Fisher's Boots set [email protected],[email protected] - 2; } if (isequipped(2764)) { //Fishing Pole set [email protected],[email protected] - 3; } if (isequipped(2775)) { //Fishing Lure set [email protected],[email protected] - 1; } progressbar "ffffff",[email protected]; if (rand(1,40) == 2){ getitem 6096,1; //Fish with Blue Back specialeffect2 EF_TEMP_OK; mapannounce strcharinfo(3),strcharinfo(0)+" has caught a Blue Fish!",bc_map,"0xff77ff"; if([email protected]==1){ goto Fish;}else{ end;} } if (rand(1,6) == 1) ||(rand(1,6) == 3) || (rand(1,6) == 6){ setarray [email protected][0],579,908,909,963,956,6049,918,960,910,938,624;// List of Junk/Other set [email protected],[email protected][rand(getarraysize([email protected]))]; getitem [email protected],1; } else { dispbottom "[Fishing] Nothing was caught..."; if([email protected] == 1){ goto Fish;} else{ end;} } if (rand(1,100) == 3){ setarray [email protected][0],644,603,617; set [email protected], [email protected][rand(getarraysize([email protected]))]; getitem [email protected],1; //Reward mapannounce strcharinfo(3),strcharinfo(0)+" has caught a "+getitemname([email protected])+"!",bc_map,"0x33CC00"; } if([email protected] == 1){ goto Fish;} else{ end;} } else { dispbottom "[Fishing] You need a Rod and Lure."; end; } } jawaii,191,290,0 duplicate(School of Fish) School of Fish#1 1158 jawaii,217,296,0 duplicate(School of Fish) School of Fish#2 1255 jawaii,216,288,0 duplicate(School of Fish) School of Fish#3 1158 jawaii,213,283,0 duplicate(School of Fish) School of Fish#4 1266 jawaii,208,282,0 duplicate(School of Fish) School of Fish#5 1158 jawaii,214,299,0 duplicate(School of Fish) School of Fish#6 1158 jawaii,194,287,0 duplicate(School of Fish) School of Fish#7 1256 jawaii,201,280,0 duplicate(School of Fish) School of Fish#8 1158 jawaii,195,299,0 duplicate(School of Fish) School of Fish#9 1279 jawaii,200,301,0 duplicate(School of Fish) School of Fish#10 1158
  2. bumping my post thanks alot!
  3. Hi i'd like to ask on how to get the Guild Owners? I think its via SqL since the Woe Reward Script under Euphy's Script fetches it via SQL. I wish to insert it on this code wherein only Guild Castle Owners and GM's can enter the said room. i think i would be using this lines to do that? if ( agitcheck() ) if ( getcastledata( "CASTLE", 1) != getcharid(2) ) if ( getguildmasterid( getcharid(2) ) != getcharid(0) ) Would be glad if someone can offer assistance thanks! Heres my code below - script PrivateGoldRoom -1,{ OnTimer3000: makeitem 969, 5, "[email protected]", rand(62, 75),rand(77,75); makeitem 969, 2, "[email protected]", rand(62, 68),rand(77,68); makeitem 969, 2, "[email protected]", rand(62, 60),rand(77,60); makeitem 969, 2, "[email protected]", rand(71, 67),rand(71,63); makeitem 969, 2, "[email protected]", rand(78, 59),rand(69,58); makeitem 969, 5, "[email protected]", rand(76, 73),rand(81,68); // makeitem 969, 5, "[email protected]", rand(63, 74),rand(76,76); makeitem 969, 2, "[email protected]", rand(63, 67),rand(76,69); makeitem 969, 2, "[email protected]", rand(63, 59),rand(76,61); makeitem 969, 2, "[email protected]", rand(72, 66),rand(70,64); makeitem 969, 2, "[email protected]", rand(79, 58),rand(68,59); makeitem 969, 5, "[email protected]", rand(77, 72),rand(80,69); // makeitem 607, 5, "[email protected]", rand(62, 75),rand(77,75); makeitem 607, 2, "[email protected]", rand(62, 68),rand(77,68); makeitem 607, 2, "[email protected]", rand(62, 60),rand(77,60); makeitem 607, 2, "[email protected]", rand(71, 67),rand(71,63); makeitem 607, 2, "[email protected]", rand(78, 59),rand(69,58); makeitem 607, 5, "[email protected]", rand(76, 73),rand(81,68); // stopnpctimer; initnpctimer; end; OnInit: initnpctimer; end; } [email protected],70,90,4 script Exit 664,{ warp "dicastes01",255,158; end; } dicastes01,248,158,4 script Guild Gold Room 691,{ set .GMAccess,99; // GM level required to access Session Manager. mes "Would you like to go to the gold room?"; if(select("Yes", "No") == 1) { warp "[email protected]", 0, 0; } close; OnInit: disablenpc "Guild Gold Room"; end; OnWed0356: waitingroom "Guild Gold Room",0; enablenpc "Guild Gold Room"; announce "The Guild Gold Room Warper has Appeared!",0; sleep 3000; announce "The Gold Haven is now Opened for the Castle Winner!",0; sleep 3000; announce "Guild Winners will be able to enter the Gold Haven From 11PM till 12AM",0; end; OnWed0357: disablenpc "Guild Gold Room"; announce "The Gate to Gold Haven is now Closed!",0; sleep 1000; announce "Only Guild Castle Winners are allowed to enter Gold Haven! Be sure to win the next War of Emperium!",0; } [email protected] mapflag nobranch [email protected] mapflag pvp off [email protected] mapflag noskill [email protected] mapflag nowarp
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