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  1. Fahhad

    MVP Ranker - Paying in Cash

    Hello , i am looking for an MVP Ranker like this idea of emistry : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyiGd1qWchQ i really tried to talk to him and buy it , but sadly no reply from him even if he is online, anyway i'll pay to whoever make it for me.
  2. Fahhad

    Help Compile Emulador

    have you tried this ?
  3. Fahhad

    Guide on making ragnarok offline server

    Great guide , well explained and easy to follow , i'd suggest you to use the import folder in the config folder so that the files don't conflict in the future SVN updates.
  4. Fahhad

    Failed To Connect To server

    please post some screen shots of the the cmd window of the server emulator so that people can assist you better
  5. Fahhad

    Error when start cmder

    its not related to rAthena , i am not experienced with Cmder , but you should run it using the " runserver.bat " in the rAthena Folder of your server.
  6. Fahhad

    How to Allow Online Players on VPS Linux

    check the ports , and allow 6900,5121,6121 ports on your flux host ( if its on another web host ) with the IP of your VPS , that should fix it.
  7. Fahhad

    Arabic Language Support

    would love to help you out , since i am a native Arabic speaker if you are willing to make it , drop me a pm!
  8. Fahhad

    Palette Showing Black Color Only

    all i can say is : OPSS that fixed it , i dont know why its unchecked while its a recommended patch by NEMO , man i was struggling for two days , such a noob mistake ... thank you @TheDerpySupport
  9. Fahhad

    Palette Showing Black Color Only

    i Enabled 64k patch in client @TheDerpySupport // Valid range of dyes and styles on the client. min_hair_style: 0 max_hair_style: 84 min_hair_color: 0 max_hair_color: 251 min_cloth_color: 0 max_cloth_color: 553 min_body_style: 0 max_body_style: 1
  10. Hi , I've tried to import the free 500 palette pack in the download section , i use Client ver 2017-06-07 Pre-Re Mode but this happened in my client for all of the palette except number 1 : my DATA.INI :
  11. Fahhad

    Custom item weird error

    you are da man! thanks for the hint it , helped me a lot to solve it how i solved it : it wasn't reading my lua files , in fact , it was reading the main data.grf files , so i deleted every accname.lub and accessoryid.lub in all of the grfs and used only one in my grf ;D ggwp and thanks for the rest who replied here
  12. Fahhad

    Custom item weird error

    how can i know if its working or not?
  13. Fahhad

    Custom item weird error

    31479,[AR] rainbow_wing,[AR] rainbow_wing,4,0,0,10,,0,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,4096,,,0,2000,{},{},{} i dont think its something related to the files , becuase i tried like 10 custom items , none of them worked. i am starting to get a feeling its the client its 20170607 btw
  14. Fahhad

    Custom item weird error

    accessoryid,accname : luafiles514/luafiles/datainfo iteminfo.lua : there you go @sader1992
  15. Fahhad

    Custom item weird error

    oh thats why it crash whenever i drag it! thank you guys , got it. EDIT : Fixed the drag problem , i was missing resources as what you stated , now new problem appears @sader1992 the spirit not showing when i equip it O: