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  1. How do I edit the Class name of this position?
  2. Thank you bro, But there are times when the item is not received. Out of 50 open tests, 36 items were obtained, 14 were missing. Video : 2022-04-07 11-06-56.mkv - Id: 1110000 AegisName: Char_Zeros_Bag_1 Name: Char Zeros Bag 1 Type: Usable Buy: 1 Weight: 10 NoUse: Sitting: true Trade: NoDrop: true NoTrade: true NoSell: true NoCart: true NoStorage: true NoGuildStorage: true NoMail: true NoAuction: true Script: | callfunc("RENAME_ME",1110100,1,100,1110101,1,100,1110102,1,80,1110103,1,80,1110104,1,60);
  3. // Returns a random argument. // -- callfunc "F_Rand",arg0,arg1,... // Example: // // You can use it to pick a random number from a list: // set @itemIDfromList, callfunc("F_Rand",1129,1222,1163,1357,1360,1522,1811,1410); ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// function script F_Rand { return getarg(rand(getargcount())); } Please help to customize this function. I want to be able to set the amount and percent of each piece, Example :- ItemID , Percent , Amount callfunc("F_Rand",1129,100,10,1222,90,5,1163,80,20,1357,70,8);
  4. Guys how can i add some announcement when they open (Something like Old Card Album) that will announce what they've got with their name and the card name. - Id: 616 AegisName: Old_Card_Album Name: Old Card Album Type: Usable Buy: 10000 Weight: 50 Flags: BuyingStore: true Container: true Script: | set [email protected], getrandgroupitem(IG_CardAlbum); getitem [email protected],1; announce strcharinfo(0)+" got a "+getitemname( [email protected] )+" from Old Card Album",0; when use OCA and Error fron mapserver [Warning]: itemdb_search: Item ID 616 does not exists in the item_db. Using dummy data.
  5. how disable /dice /dbc on last svn rAthena?
  6. prontera,155,181,5 script Sample 4_F_KAFRA1,{ callfunc("F_ShuffleNumbers", 0, getarraysize(.array$) - 1, [email protected], .menu_count); for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < .menu_count; [email protected]++) [email protected]$ = [email protected]$ + .array$[[email protected][[email protected]]] + ":"; [email protected] = select([email protected]$) - 1; mes "Selected "+.array$[[email protected][[email protected]]]; close; OnInit: .menu_count = 2; setarray .array$, "Kill Mantis", goto L_KillMantis "Kill Bees", "Kill Soils", "Kill Porings"; end; } after select menu how next ... like goto L_KillMantis L_KillMantis: mes "................."; close;
  7. hi rathena if people use @autotrade (vending and buying system) possible to stop get exp anymore ? Stop get Base level and Base job Thank You rAthena
  8. and use @autotrade possible to stop get exp and drop anymore ? How stop get base level & Job level (baseexp & jobexp) ? thank you rAthena..
  9. here is official script - Id: 4044 AegisName: Smokie_Card Name: Smokie Card Type: Card Buy: 20 Weight: 10 Locations: Both_Accessory: true Flags: BuyingStore: true Script: | skill "TF_HIDING",1; UnEquipScript: | sc_end SC_HIDING; - Id: 4064 AegisName: Zerom_Card Name: Zerom Card Type: Card Buy: 20 Weight: 10 Locations: Both_Accessory: true Flags: BuyingStore: true Script: | bonus bDex,3; - Id: 2624 AegisName: Glove_ Name: Glove Type: Armor Buy: 30000 Weight: 200 Slots: 1 Jobs: All: true Novice: false SuperNovice: false Locations: Both_Accessory: true EquipLevelMin: 90 Script: | bonus bDex,1;
  10. When I switch skill items (smokie) in Skillb2020-12-16 13-00-03.mkvar & Hotkey and the skill table does not disappear. My exe 2020-03-04aRagnaexeRE
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