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  1. Thank you so much for all your help, i have understood it now with your explanation. I will have to go with onspawn for the slaves with bonus and slavele when idle for the non bonus mobs
  2. Hi rA, just needing help understanding how it works.. I wanted to fix some mini boss to not spawn slaves with exp bonus and drops from second summon forward like MvPs e.g 1310,[email protected]_SUMMONSLAVE,idle,196,2,10000,2000,60000,no,self,slavele,0,1149,,,,,, 1310,[email protected]_SUMMONSLAVE,idle,196,2,10000,2000,60000,no,self,slavele,0,1461,,,,,, what i did is i replaced the second one from mob ID 1149 to it's counterpart 1461 with no exp and drops but it didn't work. Any help would be suggested. Thank you!
  3. but this ends up still clickable right? sadge.
  4. wanna keep RODEX for sending rewards from quests but not going to be generally used. Any way to just hide the write mail button? Thanks in advance
  5. mizuki04


    hello rA, We're looking for full stack devs who can help us implement episodes 1-8 using the latest client and server files. Kindly send us a quote and the timeline for this and we're hoping to find someone who are willing to start working on this within this week.
  6. amazing guy. work done in less than an hour. i'm tappin the guy again soon!
  7. I am using latest rA but I am getting this error frequently causing to get a 'server closed' prompt when logging in as the map server have crashed. I am not sure which is causing me as all I get are these warnings. Please help! thank you!
  8. so based on what i told earlier of what problem i had I could really use some help on how am i going to fix my trunk files instead since as you said that it is not advisable to downgrade SVN version bump can anyone please help me? bump still need help here
  9. Hi there, i have first try the latest rAthena SVN 17704. It seems though that the reduce damage effects of everything are too much for a 99 / 70 server. I need a good suggestion of which trunk / svn files should i use for my classic type server. Thanks in advance
  10. Hi, if ever this topic has ever been brought up, please head me on there. I was hoping if there could be a way to change normal chat, @broadcast, @localbroadcast color of a group id, example at group id 65 is purple, 66 is red, and 99 is orange. It would be much appreciate to give a time to analyze this for awesome future use. Thanks in advance!
  11. Well, its not that the search feature isn't available, like i said if ever you understood me, i needed a newbie friendly instructions on how to setup a client. the one you gave me just now seems to be not that newbie friendly.
  12. please point me to a guide for diff'ing a client. thanks
  13. any latest client as long as its stable btw im using renewal
  14. Hi guys, i have recently made a server following the instructions from this guide http://rathena.org/board/topic/59529-setting-up-a-centos-vps-w-rathena-vnc and i was able to do them accordingly. Now i need a guide to setup my ragnarok.exe client for SVN version 17704. Since im new i need to have a detailed instructions for it. Thanks in advance.
  15. I am using the default theme only. And also once i got them installed correctly i will change the theme.
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