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  1. PaqnaN

    Cant Add skills

    thnx for the response. i just had some mistake in modifying the max levels. its now fixed
  2. PaqnaN

    Cant Add skills

    hi, i hope anyone can help me with this. ive tried to make an offline server and serverside seems fine. i have modifications but get no errors. but in-game, i cant add skills to any job even with @skillall. it only has the basic skill please see SS below thanks in advance @edit i did not modify any skills.
  3. im facing thesame problem as this now when i load items/monster db.sql. been searching around and this is the only related issue to mine that i found but there is no solution or maybe im still not searching hard enough but still i hope anyone can help solve this problem.
  4. first off.. thnx for this guide but can you help me please. i have followed your instruction but im having problem with compiling. installed the build tools you have provided but when i run the compile.bat, i get this message. "MSBUILD : error MSB1009: Project file does not exist." and when i try to open the .sln, the vs version selector is empty.. did i missed something?? any help would be appreciated. found @Anacondaqq post about lightweight compiler and fixed my problem again thnx for this guide and to @Anacondaqq for the compiler guide ^^
  5. hi, thanks for the reply but what i mean is when there is a long message in the general chat window, normally when the message reach the length of the general message window it makes a new line but what happens in our server you cant see the end of the message because it doesnt break the line
  6. Im hoping that some can help me here. my problem is every since we change the font to avoid posers using the I and l something went wrong to our chat window, if the message is too long, you cant see some of the message because it doesnt make new line if it reach the end of the chat window.
  7. Hi rathena, first off, im very noob in using rathena. i have an eathena server and it was migrated to rathena By "Sryx" it is working on the vps but when i made a backup of it and install it on my pc to make it as my test/maintenance server i am having problem connecting it to my sql. its just wierd because my char and map serv is connected but my login is cant. and when i install and run fresh rathena server, there is no mysql error. here is the ss. hope some1 out there can help me with this.
  8. thank you sir. it works on my rathena server. but can you help me also make this works in my eathena server? thnx in advance
  9. i just want to ask if its posible for a specific gm will not be warp out from the castle when the emp is broken? if its posible, can some1 out there help me with this please.
  10. does someone tested this already?? does it work? im having trouble with the download.. its says doesnt exist.
  11. Hi rathena, i have eathena server running almost 2 years and now i want to convert it into rathena. i found alot of guides about this here but it seems, only for the database convertion. what my problem is about the server files. i have downloaded a backup of my server files and database to my computer to use it as test server for converting. now heres my problem. - do i need to checkout fresh rAthena svn and redo the modification ive done in my eAthena? or no need, just like patching. - if no need, how to replace my eAthena files with rAthena files while the modification ive done in my eAthena will stay intact such as max level/max stats/custom jobs/custom vending/custom commands and etc... - what will be the consequences/risk when i convert my server? hope someone out there can help me out with this one.
  12. thank you very much
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