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  1. Help with Party check

    It's working except for one thing.. The function did check the location of all party member however if a member is not in the map of prontera, that player receive the message "All members is not in prontera.". this message should be getting by the party leader only.
  2. Help with Party check

    can anyone help me on this party check. a leader will talk to the NPC for the whole party get warp to a specific map. the npc requirement will be > all party members should be in the map of prontera. if some member are not in this map the party leader will get a message that all party members must be in prontera. > all party members should be online. if some member are not online the party leader will get a message some of your party member are currently offline. > all party members should have this variable called TICKETMANIAC. if some party member does not have 1 TICKETMANIAC variable, the party leader will get a message some of your party member doesn't have enough TICKETMANIAC. if all party members including the leader meet the requirements > all party member will be warp to a specific map let say payon. > all party member TICKETMANIAC will decrease by 1. Thanks in advance ...
  3. Help on converting this to rA

    yes it will duplicate NPC but the difference is this function will work inside the script. unlike the usual duplicate it works outside the script only.
  4. Can anyone help me on converting this src code to rathena. // duplicatenpc("NpcName", "DuplicateName", "DupHiddenName", "map", x, y, dir{, sprite{, xs, ys}}); BUILDIN(duplicatenpc) { const char *npc_name = script_getstr(st, 2); const char *dup_name = script_getstr(st, 3); const char *dup_hidden_name = script_getstr(st, 4); const char *tmap = script_getstr(st, 5); int tx = script_getnum(st, 6); int ty = script_getnum(st, 7); int tdir = script_getnum(st, 8); int tclass_, txs = -1, tys = -1, tmapid; struct npc_data *nd_source, *nd_target; char targetname[24] = ""; if(script_hasdata(st, 10)) txs = (script_getnum(st, 10) < -1) ? -1 : script_getnum(st, 10); if(script_hasdata(st, 11)) tys = (script_getnum(st, 11) < -1) ? -1 : script_getnum(st, 10); if(txs == -1 && tys != -1) txs = 0; if(txs != - 1 && tys == -1) tys = 0; if(strlen(dup_name) + strlen(dup_hidden_name) > NAME_LENGTH) { ShowError("duplicatenpc: Name#HiddenName is to long (max %d chars). (%s)\n",NAME_LENGTH, npc_name); script_pushint(st, 0); return 0; } nd_source = npc->name2id(npc_name); if(script_hasdata(st, 9)) tclass_ = (script_getnum(st, 9) < -1) ? -1 : script_getnum(st, 9); else tclass_ = nd_source->class_; if( nd_source == NULL) { ShowError("duplicatenpc: original npc not found for duplicate. (%s)\n", npc_name); script_pushint(st, 0); return 0; } tmapid = map->mapname2mapid(tmap); if(tmapid < 0) { ShowError("duplicatenpc: target map not found. (%s)\n", tmap); script_pushint(st, 0); return 0; } nd_target = npc->create_npc(nd_source->subtype, tmapid, tx, ty, tdir, tclass_); strcat(targetname, dup_name); strncat(targetname, "#", 1); strncat(targetname, dup_hidden_name, strlen(dup_hidden_name)); safestrncpy(nd_target->name, targetname , sizeof(nd_target->name)); safestrncpy(nd_target->exname, targetname, sizeof(nd_target->exname)); npc->duplicate_sub(nd_source, nd_target, txs, tys, NPO_ONINIT); script_pushint(st, 1); return true; } BUILDIN(duplicateremove) { struct npc_data *nd; if(script_hasdata(st, 2)) { nd = npc->name2id(script_getstr(st, 2)); if(nd == NULL) { ShowError("duplicateremove: NPC not found: %s\n", script_getstr(st, 2)); script_pushint(st, -1); return 0; } } else nd = (struct npc_data *)map->id2bl(st->oid); if (nd == NULL){ }else if(nd->src_id == 0){ //remove all dupicates for this source npc map->foreachnpc(npc->unload_dup_sub,nd->; }else// just remove this duplicate npc->unload(nd,true); script_pushint(st, 1); return true; }
  5. Ragnarok Client open source

    I already red this topic however I don't know how to edit the client by using this one. I tried to download this however I dont know how I can edit it or see the source code.
  6. Ragnarok Client open source

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know where to get an open source for ragnarok client?
  7. Custom Alt function

    @Ai4rei How can I edit the client? What tool should I need to use? Sorry Im really new to this and I want to learn it to the best that I can.
  8. Custom Alt function

    @Ai4rei Where can I find this file? is it from the src files? I was able to find it but I can figure it out how to create a custom alt function. Sorry for the noob question. Reason Im asking this because I have a custom window in mind that I would like to apply in my RO server.
  9. @maintenance command

    Hello there, can anyone update this source file that can be compatible for the latest rAthena Emulator? Thanks
  10. Custom Alt function

    Hi everyone. In ragnarok client we have some alt functions like Alt + E => Opening Inventory Alt + S => Opening Skills Alt + Q => Opening Equipment and etc.. My questions are: 1. how can I make a custom Alt function. for example if I do Alt + D it will open a custom window. 2. how can I make the Alt + Q show the Equipment and the Stats together Im using client 2016-12-28aRagexeRE.
  11. Item Effect help

    Can anyone help me on adding Item Effect to this description. If Cure is known, allows it to remove Critical Wounds or Deadly Poison. If Heal is known, allows it to be cast as an AoE on Party or Guild members within a 3x3 area around the target. If the refine is 3 or higher, the area increases to 5x5. Does not work properly unless the skill Heal is learned naturally. Acolyte class, Paladins, Super Novices, etc.
  12. How to create instance without timer

    Cooldown. How to remove the cooldown of an instance and based all the timer inside the script
  13. Hi there, can anyone teach me how to make an instance without any timer?
  14. Ragnarok LAN

    Can anyone give me the steps?
  15. Ragnarok LAN

    Hi rathenians, As the title said. How can I make LAN Party Ragnarok? I already know how to setup the rAthena emulator offline to a one PC and its working fine, next is how can I let the other PC join the server via LAN so that they can play the same server and see each other, play to each other.