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  1. @Emistry Do you mind providing the steps? I actually did it but nothing is happening. I followed this step but nothing happen
  2. i am using sclientinfo but its still the same patcher > play button > select server > login is it not possible to login firat before choosing a server?
  3. Hello guys I would like to know how to make a dual server with just 1 client with a format like this patcher > play > login > select server the samples I am seeing here is actually patcher > login > select server > login which is not I am looking for. thank in advance guys.
  4. Hello everyone Can I request for a Heal skill that will splash by 3x3 from the first target of the skill. Like if I do Heal skill on a player it will also heal the other players that is within the 3x3 radius from the target player.
  5. Hello guys. I am creating a selection scripts and I would like to know how to remove duplicate results from the list. prontera,154,150,5 script SampleTest 123,{ [email protected] = 1; // Reflect 10% Short-Range Damage [email protected] = 3; // Reduce 10% Aftercast Delay [email protected] = 0; [email protected] = 0; setarray [email protected]$[0], "Reflect 10% Short-Range Damage",1100000,7561,690,1063,730, "8 Mdef",1500000,7118,275,7162,700, "Reduce 10% Aftercast Delay",1700000,7567,500,1036,800, "Full HP/SP on Resurrection",2000000,951,730,7149,750, "10% Damage more with Shield Chain",2000000,7194,580,7215,890, "10% Increase Healing Power",1400000,6032,400,1096,790, "Uninterruptable Cast",1400000,7125,400,7263,480, "Increase Holy and Grand Cross Damage by 20%",2000000,7223,300,7215,900, "Indestructible",1400000,6023,380,7197,800; mes "Sample"; for ([email protected]=0; [email protected]<getarraysize([email protected]$); [email protected][email protected]+6){ for ([email protected]=0; [email protected]<4; [email protected]++){ if (getd("[email protected]"+ [email protected])){ if ([email protected]$[(getd("[email protected]"+ [email protected])-1)*6] != [email protected]$[[email protected]]){ if (getd("[email protected]"+ ([email protected]/6) +"$") != [email protected]$[[email protected]]){ mes "~ "+ [email protected]$[[email protected]]; } } setd("[email protected]"+ ([email protected]/6) +"$", [email protected]$[[email protected]]); } } } close; } If I run this script the bonus 1 will be remove from the list but when the selection continue the bonus 2 is still showing up from the list. Its like to bonus 2 onwards is not being recognize by this script. I want the bonus 1 and 2 not appear from the list. Its like removing the duplicate result. Thanks in advance.
  6. This one actually only apply to party members. I need an assumptio be casted to players within the 3x3 area from the targetted player. I know its in the source but i dont know how the map_foreachinallrange works?
  7. Hi guys, I just wanted to know how to modify the assumptio skill. Like if the player wear a specific headgear the assumptio skill will be applied to the players within the 3x3 radius from the target of the assumptio skill. This applies whether the caster is on a party, guild or not. It kinda similar to sanctuary. All players inside the radius of sactuary will be healed but this one all players within a 3x3 radius from the target will be buffed by assumptio. Thanks in afvance.
  8. Hello everyone. Can anyone help me make this script? What I need to do is this. The player will require item ID 501 for them to play this npc. setarray .itemReward[0], ItemID, ItemChance, ... setarray .itemReward[0],501,10,502,20,503,30,504,40,505,50; The player will get one item reward depending on the chances that they will get. Rare item will have small chance only.
  9. In this video it will teach you how you can install and run ragnarok offline server using the rathena emulator. Make sure to download and install the prerequisites first. ~~ Prerequisites ~~ ► Visual Studio Express 2017 ► MSysGit ► TortoiseGit ► Wamp Server ► rAthena Github
  10. neXus

    Detaching RID

    Hello guys. Can anyone help me to fix this? addrid(4,0,36,63,63,36); for (set [email protected],0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.prize); [email protected]++ ){ getitem .prize[[email protected]],.prize[[email protected]]; } announce .npcName$ + " : We have a winner. "+ strcharinfo(0) +" wins the death by dice event round "+ .diceRound +".",0; detachrid; if (.consolation){ addrid(1); for (set [email protected],0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.consolation); [email protected]++ ){ getitem .consolation[[email protected]],.consolation[[email protected]]; } detachrid; } sleep 5000; announce "Thank you for playing..."; The issue is when this event was triggered. The "rids" works fine however after the rid, the announcement "Thank you for playing..." will be announced multiple times. If there is 5 players the announcement will announced 5 times as well. How can I make it announce once only?
  11. It's working except for one thing.. The function did check the location of all party member however if a member is not in the map of prontera, that player receive the message "All members is not in prontera.". this message should be getting by the party leader only.
  12. can anyone help me on this party check. a leader will talk to the NPC for the whole party get warp to a specific map. the npc requirement will be > all party members should be in the map of prontera. if some member are not in this map the party leader will get a message that all party members must be in prontera. > all party members should be online. if some member are not online the party leader will get a message some of your party member are currently offline. > all party members should have this variable called TICKETMANIAC. if some party member does not have 1 TICKETMANIAC variable, the party leader will get a message some of your party member doesn't have enough TICKETMANIAC. if all party members including the leader meet the requirements > all party member will be warp to a specific map let say payon. > all party member TICKETMANIAC will decrease by 1. Thanks in advance ...
  13. yes it will duplicate NPC but the difference is this function will work inside the script. unlike the usual duplicate it works outside the script only.
  14. Can anyone help me on converting this src code to rathena. // duplicatenpc("NpcName", "DuplicateName", "DupHiddenName", "map", x, y, dir{, sprite{, xs, ys}}); BUILDIN(duplicatenpc) { const char *npc_name = script_getstr(st, 2); const char *dup_name = script_getstr(st, 3); const char *dup_hidden_name = script_getstr(st, 4); const char *tmap = script_getstr(st, 5); int tx = script_getnum(st, 6); int ty = script_getnum(st, 7); int tdir = script_getnum(st, 8); int tclass_, txs = -1, tys = -1, tmapid; struct npc_data *nd_source, *nd_target; char targetname[24] = ""; if(script_hasdata(st, 10)) txs = (script_getnum(st, 10) < -1) ? -1 : script_getnum(st, 10); if(script_hasdata(st, 11)) tys = (script_getnum(st, 11) < -1) ? -1 : script_getnum(st, 10); if(txs == -1 && tys != -1) txs = 0; if(txs != - 1 && tys == -1) tys = 0; if(strlen(dup_name) + strlen(dup_hidden_name) > NAME_LENGTH) { ShowError("duplicatenpc: Name#HiddenName is to long (max %d chars). (%s)\n",NAME_LENGTH, npc_name); script_pushint(st, 0); return 0; } nd_source = npc->name2id(npc_name); if(script_hasdata(st, 9)) tclass_ = (script_getnum(st, 9) < -1) ? -1 : script_getnum(st, 9); else tclass_ = nd_source->class_; if( nd_source == NULL) { ShowError("duplicatenpc: original npc not found for duplicate. (%s)\n", npc_name); script_pushint(st, 0); return 0; } tmapid = map->mapname2mapid(tmap); if(tmapid < 0) { ShowError("duplicatenpc: target map not found. (%s)\n", tmap); script_pushint(st, 0); return 0; } nd_target = npc->create_npc(nd_source->subtype, tmapid, tx, ty, tdir, tclass_); strcat(targetname, dup_name); strncat(targetname, "#", 1); strncat(targetname, dup_hidden_name, strlen(dup_hidden_name)); safestrncpy(nd_target->name, targetname , sizeof(nd_target->name)); safestrncpy(nd_target->exname, targetname, sizeof(nd_target->exname)); npc->duplicate_sub(nd_source, nd_target, txs, tys, NPO_ONINIT); script_pushint(st, 1); return true; } BUILDIN(duplicateremove) { struct npc_data *nd; if(script_hasdata(st, 2)) { nd = npc->name2id(script_getstr(st, 2)); if(nd == NULL) { ShowError("duplicateremove: NPC not found: %s\n", script_getstr(st, 2)); script_pushint(st, -1); return 0; } } else nd = (struct npc_data *)map->id2bl(st->oid); if (nd == NULL){ }else if(nd->src_id == 0){ //remove all dupicates for this source npc map->foreachnpc(npc->unload_dup_sub,nd->; }else// just remove this duplicate npc->unload(nd,true); script_pushint(st, 1); return true; }
  15. I already red this topic however I don't know how to edit the client by using this one. I tried to download this however I dont know how I can edit it or see the source code.