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  1. Hi everyone. Is there any way to kick all the players immediately if the server has changed ip (dynamic ip address with dyndns)? When the provider changes IP, some players in the battle die, because the server does not immediately kick them. I tried to change "prevent_logout_trigger" to 0 and "prevent_logout" to 500 -> it didn't help. Perhaps the change "Session time out" will help, but I can not find it in source.
  2. Client 2020-04-01 have a lot of problems (need all new files for System and Data folders), nemo patcher is outdated and half patches dont work. Recommend to use 2018-06-20
  3. Thank you sir. It works for me. New dll or other method of patch?
  4. https://cloud.mail.ru/public/2tFD/VAzYykdVC List of patches 0620last27.10.19-2.log
  5. Yes i tried to use opensetup, i need window mode without borders, like fullscreen but with taskbar.
  6. Hi everyone. Is there any way to make the Ragnarok window borderless in 2018-06-20eRagexeRE? Previously it can be done with dinput.dll and dinput.ini ("windowlock = 1" option) I tried to add this 2 files in game client => no effect. I tried to patch exe with NEMO (add custom dll => dinput.dll) => no effect. I tried to use different versions of dinput.dll (all from some forums) => no effect I tried to use very old client 2012-10-22 => it works, borderless window, but very buggy.
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