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  1. eleriaqueen

    Make RO great again

    What is the Aesir supported packetver actually ? A few minutes ago I tried with 20170502 (a rAthena supported packetver) and Aesir 0.3.6 which gave me a "[Warning]: clif_parse: Received unsupported packet (packet 0x0923, 19 bytes received), disconnecting session" The packetver that crashed the client completely was 20170517
  2. eleriaqueen

    Make RO great again

    Sorry forgot to REbuild project when changing packetver Now I get this when clicking Enter after character creation : Unhandled exception at 0x00000001401BEB6E in perfontain.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x0000000000000038. because of : loading map amatsu : 19 ms loading sprite: AspLoadInfo(id: 0, jobId: 0, type: 0, gender: false) loading sprite: AspLoadInfo(id: 1, jobId: 0, type: 1, gender: false) creating draw shader loading sprite: AspLoadInfo(id: 2, jobId: 0, type: 1, gender: false) can't load `sprite/head/4_female.asp', error: can't find file sprite/head/4_female.asp converting sprite/head/4_female.asp (I'm using full KRo client data/rdata.grf, and sprite/head/4_female.asp seems to be there in Aesir tmp folder... )
  3. eleriaqueen

    Make RO great again

    You're doing a great job Temtaime, when you say "character creation" support, it does mean no more "manual" (sql) character creation right ? If so I might make a rAthena set up to try the newest Aesir release
  4. eleriaqueen

    October Digest 2017

    I'm a big fan of these digests, thanks for taking the time to make them !
  5. eleriaqueen

    Make RO great again

    Some nice progress there, still doesn't make any sense not making it OpenSource. There are a whole bunch of licenses which exist that could protect you from code theft and other problems. Hell, I'd consider "donating" again if you went that path. To be honest, I was pretty hyped to be one of your patrons for like 1-2 months and then too many questions/problems arose in my head and I cancelled it If the reason you keep a closed source is you want to make money by selling your client to some servers well then good for you, but be honest about it. Thanks.
  6. Nice post OP, I hate Visual Studio as a an IDE (the GUI part mostly) it's heavy and I'm bad at using it.
  7. eleriaqueen

    Make RO great again

    This project looks cool. I hope your IRL stuff will work out okay
  8. eleriaqueen

    [WIP] Native Ragnarok Client

    I stumbled on this thread by chance, and wow this looks sweet @curiosity ! Good luck with your project going forward ^ _^
  9. Oh, I must be recalling an older version of rAthena then. Thanks for the answers
  10. Hello, I'm trying to come up with decent "friends & family" server additions / modifications / scripts. I wrote these NPC's because we don't like Eden equipment quests (those npc sell or rather give all available Eden gear, each for 0z): prontera,161,145,4 shop Eden EQP Store 48,2456:-1,2457:-1,2458:-1,2473:-1,15009:-1,15010:-1,15011:-1,15031:-1,2560:-1,2571:-1,5583:-1,18514:-1 prontera,161,150,4 shop Eden Weapon Store 50,13050:-1,13051:-1,13066:-1,16004:-1,16005:-1,16014:-1,13423:-1,13424:-1,13434:-1,1192:-1,1193:-1,1197:-1,1747:-1,1748:-1,18106:-1,1650:-1,1651:-1,1658:-1,13112:-1,13113:-1,13114:-1,13310:-1,1583:-1,1986:-1,1931:-1,1831:-1,1289:-1,1391:-1,1434:-1,1699:-1,26100:-1,26101:-1 // Changelog: // 1.02 : Added Doram Eden Weapons // 1.01 : Fix (ItemID 15031 now available from correct NPC) But then I wondered if there might be unforeseen consequences to such a npc. Eden equipment items are untradable/unsellable (so no zeny exploit), but can be discarded (if I recall correctly). It seems NPC's that upgrade Eden equipment don't need any quest flag and can work on an item bought from my NPC's which is cool. Anyway, my question is does anyone know if such npc's or the fact of not doing the quests while having the items could cause problems ?
  11. eleriaqueen

    Is there a way to do this ?

    I can do that by modifying item_trade.txt ? Is that the correct way of doing it ? For instance = > 2456,499,100 // Para_Team_Boots1 499 means it has the "256 + 128 + 64 + 32 + 16 + 8 + 2 + 1" switchs, and switch 8 means not sellable to NPC. They still appear in the "sell list" when going to NPCs with that.
  12. eleriaqueen

    Is there a way to do this ?

    Hi, I'd like to know if it's currently possible to "Hide" / "Skip over" Eden group equipment when going to NPC shops ? What I mean by this is I would like them not showing up in NPC shops at all. Why ? Because it's pretty annoying that they appear in the list. It's clutter. If it's not currently possible I'd like to request that feature be added as "optional" to rAthena because it would be pretty neat !
  13. Hi Stolao, I want to say your script is elaborate and cool ! And thanks a lot for sharing it ^_-
  14. eleriaqueen

    Wrong Eden Equipment rewards in very recent revision

    Alright... thanks for the answer :3
  15. See screenie, when I did the lvl 26-32 Payon Dungeon quest (without doing any other Eden quest before) I got two of the level 60 items I obviously can't equip ("Eden Team Hat II[1]" and "Eden Team Garment II" instead of the "I" version, IDs should be 5583 and 2560 but instead items given to me have the id 18514 and 2571)