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  1. Release: Custom Aura Mod [Zephyrus' @aura]

    I have the same error in these lines below: atcommand.ccp -> pc_setpos(pl_sd, pl_sd->mapindex, pl_sd->bl.x, pl_sd->bl.y, SETPOS_AUTOTRADE); status.ccp -> clif_clearunit_area(&sd->bl, 0); script.ccp -> pc_setpos(sd, sd->mapindex, sd->bl.x, sd->bl.y, SETPOS_AUTOTRADE);
  2. King of Emperium Hill

  3. King of Emperium Hill

    Hello! I wanted help to convert this modification into src, soon or around the world, and no emulator worked perfectly with the script below. Src used in brAthena, I wanted to convert this to rAthena. /** * King of Emperium Hill **/ int battle_check_target_post( int retVal, struct block_list *src, struct block_list *target, int *flag ) { if ( retVal == 1 ) { struct block_list *s_bl = src; if( (s_bl = battle->get_master(src)) == NULL ) s_bl = src; if ( s_bl->type == BL_PC && target->type == BL_MOB ) { TBL_PC *sd = BL_CAST( BL_PC, s_bl ); TBL_MOB *md = BL_CAST( BL_MOB, target ); if ( ( md->class_ == MOBID_EMPELIUM && !strcmp( mapindex_id2name(sd->mapindex), "guild_vs1" ) ) && ( sd->status.guild_id == mapreg->readreg( script->add_str("$koegid") ) || battle->get_current_skill(src) > 0 ) ) return 0; } } return retVal; }
  4. ROChargenPHP not view robe

    Hello everyone, I'm having a hard time putting chargen to show the robes, the rest are nromal, look under my settings. the image presented by rochargen. look at my game-playing game. look at the robe.php file in the rochargen db folder If anyone can help me thank you. Thank you in advance and sorry for my spelling mistakes because I am using the translator.
  5. help ROChargenPHP

    Hello I was able to return with my net today, and the maximum I got was up to that point, thank you right away.
  6. Req. Menu Buttons Cash Shop

    Vou terminar ate a noite, por que estou no serviço ai disponibilizo pra você
  7. Req. Menu Buttons Cash Shop

    Hello It's an easy thing, I just do not know if I'm going to have time to finish it, but look what I did fast, it was similar to or better than my friend's from above. Sorry for the mistakes, because I'm Brazilian and I'm using the translator.
  8. [Showcase] Oldtimes Website

    Hello, I really liked the simplicity of the site, with white colors, and quite complete, I buy it without the logo your logo of its own, and of course if it is for sale?
  9. help ROChargenPHP

    Hello I am trying to put ROChargenPHP to work, I use easyPHP 14.1 VC9, but when I enter the page I do not get results, I have already put the grf in the data folder and configured it in the data.ini and without success. Someone would have a tutorial or video teaching to make it work, thank you.
  10. help Main Menu

    Thanks you for helping, I will try to find the Client version 2017-03-29 with packet_db for me to test. Thanks in advance.
  11. help Main Menu

    Hello, first of all I'm sorry, I'm using google translator, because I'm Brazilian. I'm trying to find the clients that contain the icons from the menu below, I tested 2015, 2016 and 2017 and I saw that they are not customers. I wanted to add the icons to the menu below, because in ROenglishRE I can not find them and nowhere.
  12. Does anyone have this map? The link to download this broken!
  13. Goddameit AuraSet Request

    Hello everyone, first of all sorry for my english, for using google translator, because let's go. Someone has the aura game to download, to download and is with the link off. I thank you all.
  14. barra de xp

    Se seu servidor estiver configurado para o level máximo 175, o player quando alcançar o level máximo a barra irá sumir. Ja a segunda imagem o servidor deve ter o level configurado acima de 175 por isso a barra de exp ainda não sumiu.