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Skins to modify how the game client looks.

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    Aurora Age - Skin Packs

    A skin packs that I found in TWRO forum, made by a user named crystalchan.
    This skin package consists of ~10 recoloured skin, and 1 YoRha (Nier Automata) theme skin.
    Unfortunately, the skin pack are all translated in chinese language, most likely are usable only to those who can read chinese.
    Full Preview: https://imgur.com/a/I8w9FPO
    How to use:
    Extract the folder and put them in the /Skin/ folder or add it into the GRF  
     You're free to share with everyone but do not monetize the contents in any way! 
    These materials are meant for study or research purpose.
    Use these at your own risk, and always give credit to original author.
    Thank you.



  2. Free

    Runeterra Skin

    Here is a kinda RO2 Skin I made long time ago.



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    Storage Fix (Armor = 4 / Weapon = 5)

    I've search for this fix but didn't find one.
    I saw a Storage Fix but it doesn't fit in my server's Armor & Weapon types.
    This fix is only for servers that is the Armor Type is "4" and the Weapon Type is "5"
    You also need to change the following lines in your msgstringtable.txt on your grf.
    Line 1469 : Weapons#
    (Replace with Armors#)
    Line 1470 : Armors#
    (Replace with Weapons#)
    I get this texture in my updated data.grf so I don't claim any credits in this.
    Hope it helps.



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    72 RO Skin Packs

    These files are not created by me. I just found someone share a complete package of it on facebook. Thank him/her for collecting all these Skin across the world wide web, I believe some skin files was updated or fixed by him/her.
    So, I'll just provide a text file that contain the link to download these files from my dummy OneDrive Folder.
    Album Preview : http://imgur.com/a/b1MHG
    Installation Guide :
    Pick any RO Skin that you like and Download it to your PC/Laptop. Extract the files using 7-Zip / WinRar / WinZip / etc. Copy and paste the extracted files into the %System%/kRO/Skin/ folder. Again, I don't own any of these files. I just sharing the files. None of these are commercial items.
    Please insert / remain the credits in case you know who're them.
    Thank you.



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    Phieti Renewal Skin

    Just an edited version of Phieti Skin by Nesp
    Semi-Transparent Skin



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    Scribbling Kid 3

    Hello everyone! I'm glad to introduce you to Scribbling Kid 3 [or Scribbling Kid Renewal if you want]!
    When I was start playing Ragnarok Online, this skin was thing I used pretty much everytime [it's been about 7 years since I started]. And from time renewal is out, skin structure is always changing. This is basically reedited my pre-renewal version. Hope you'll like it



  7. Free

    Transparent RO Skin

    Note: The pink is transparent.
    Initially I made this about 2 years ago before renewal came out to help during woe.
    I'd have windows open and couldn't see people sneaking up on me so yea.. transparent helped me a bit.
    With renewal clients using different file names for skin elements, I decided to update my transparent skin a bit.
    Also helps to see things when you have your client set to small resolutions.



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