[Guide] Adding Custom Icons to Skills

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I am going to use 3 Party skills as a model, to show you how to apply custom icons to custom, or existing skills. This guide is inspired to many of those people who wish to use  some npc skills as proper with a customized icon, for example darkstrike, earthquake, etc.



First of all you need the data files, those are:


-Sprite and Act of your custom icon.

-Item Bmp of your custom Icon.




1- Place your custom Icon Sprite and Act in data/sprite/¾ÆÀÌÅÛ


Important: the icon need to be named exactly as the skill name displayed in the DB, if you don't know it, you have 2 choices, open skill_db.txt or login into your server and use the command @skillid "name" to confirm.


RO data.grf brought 3 party icons as default, but the name was changed and I had to rename it according to the Skill Name in the skill_db.txt





2- Place the Custom Icon BMP in data/texture/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/item


Important: As step #1, It need to be named exactly as the skill name, also need to be bmp size 24x24






Editing Lua Files


Some Skills do not exist in the lua files, and the must be added because files are conected and they take each other names as reference to read information, for example if you only add the sprites and bmp, it does'nt guarantee that your skill will show the icon, just because you added files with the name.



Open \luafiles514\lua files\skillinfoz

 -the files you need to edit in skillinfoz carpet are the Following:


skillid.lub  <--  In this txt you need to check if your current skill exist! if not, you need to add a new one according to the skill name, and skillid number.


for example, party skills are not included in the skillid by default, if they don´t exist there, then there will not be taken as reference. 

in this picture, inside the red border you will notice that I added the three party skills.


I challenge you to check your own file and see if you find those skills  /no1 







skilldescript.lub  <--  In this txt   IF your customized icon belong to a non-included skill in this file, you will have to add or include the new skill, because a name need to be taken as reference there.


For Example: Party Skills are not included in the txt skilldescript.lub, in order to recognize the custom icon, the skill must be created or added into that file.


You can do the same for other skills such as Darkstrike, Dragon Fear, etc, respecting the lime formats of the luafiles " ",




skillinfolist.lub   <---  This file include a list of every skill registered, of course if you use an icon for a new skill, you need to add the skill in this file. This file also display son information in the game skill window.


 As you can see the party skills are not included there, so they need to be created for example:






This information do not affect the skill sctructure in game, but it is necessary because its used to display information when scrolling mouse over the skill icon, and casting ranged skills, if you cast a skill no included in this file, maybe the range will not be recognized and it will pop up a warning of cant get skill range. 


[sKID. "the exactly name of the skill must be added there, don't mess with that."] = {


SkillName = "This is the tex that the character will display when casting the skill",

MaxLv = the max level of the skill existing in the skilldb.txt.

SpAmount = { sp consumed by level according to the skilldb structure, this will be showed in the player skill window}

bSeperateLv = true for seperated skill leves such as warmwind, teleport, gospel etc, false to fix the skill to the last level applied,

AttackRange = {Range of the skill according to the skill level range of skills in the skill_db.txt}





If you did it properly you will enjoy your new icon skill, and will see accurated information of the skill in your skill window!.




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Could i change the skill of star glad, taekwon and soul linker? I will put custom skills and sprite like in darkro...and i will change the class name and sprite of thoae 3 classes

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