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Some NPC Request


Can someone please give me some of the following NPCs:


Healer with buff (Agi, Bless, Etc.)


Automated Events (Find the Mushroom, Poring Catcher, Dice, Disguise)




Also auto announcer script (Not the random one like Emistry made)


Job changer (Trans class only)


*For the automated event npc/script, please provide me the easy-to-edit one.




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it is in your npc/custom/healer.txt


for healer:

-	script	Healer	-1,{

	set [email protected],0;	// Zeny required for heal
	set [email protected],1;	// Also buff players? (1: yes / 0: no)
	set [email protected],0;	// Heal delay, in seconds

for find the mushroom and disguise event

its in the npc/custom/event


for broadcaster,Dice and poring catcher try to search in the search engine

and for the job changer just remove the 3rd class option

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Posted · Hidden by Emistry, August 29, 2014 - non-english
Hidden by Emistry, August 29, 2014 - non-english

@ay0konapala kaw ba owner ng FlareRO nuon?

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