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    R>Race Event

    can you edit like that sir?
  2. Scotch

    R>Race Event

    Sir Emistry can you make it GM will start the event? 1. GM will start the event using the Npc 2. 3mins will close the event warper 3. gm only will start the event 4. if there's a winner automatically receive a price. TCG for example
  3. Can anyone have script of Race Events?
  4. its hard to fix this one
  5. my problem is no points receiving when i kill the monster and the npc has no exchange gold points... Example: npc features: Enter the Gold Room Exchange GP Close and i want to add warp exit. This is my script now. ordeal_2-2,0,0,0,0 monster Gold Peco 1233,300,0,0,"Sample#goldroom#OnKill" prontera,147,146,5 script Sample#goldroom 757,{ if ( @TEMP_CASHPOINTS ) { if ( select( "Exchange "[email protected]_CASHPOINTS+" Point into Gold","Continue" ) == 1) { getitem 969,@TEMP_CASHPOINTS; @TEMP_CASHPOINTS = 0; } } mes "Entrance Fee:"; mes "200,000 zeny"; if ( Zeny >= 200000 ) if ( select( "Okay","Cancel" ) == 1 ) { Zeny -= 200000; warp "ordeal_2-2",0,0; } close; OnKill: @TEMP_CASHPOINTS += rand( 1,5 ); end; OnPCDieEvent: if ( strcharinfo(3) == "ordeal_2-2" ) @TEMP_CASHPOINTS = 0; end; } // -- Mapflags ordeal_2-2 mapflag nogo ordeal_2-2 mapflag nowarp ordeal_2-2 mapflag nowarpto ordeal_2-2 mapflag nosave ordeal_2-2 mapflag nomemo ordeal_2-2 mapflag nobranch ordeal_2-2 mapflag noloot ordeal_2-2 mapflag noskill ordeal_2-2 mapflag nopenalty
  6. can i request gold room like this? 1. [Paid]-200k: Npc will warp the player in gold room. 2. mob example: Gold Peco - if you kill a peco it will give you a points it will random 1-5 points per Gold Peco. 3. disable @go/@warp commands or butterfly wing there will be a warper to return in the city. 4. PVP on if someone kill you your points will be gone. 5. if you warp and get back alive in the city you can exchange your points into Gold. Hope someone have script like this....Thanks in Advance
  7. can i ask? what should i add to this script so that it will announce the player who quested it and the item that he quest? it will broadcast to entire ragnarok world glast_01,47,111,4 script Jack 1267,{ mes "[Jack]"; mes "Howdy, new customer!!"; mes "I know what you're gonna talk about. You want the Joker Jester from me, riiiiight?"; next; switch(select("What is that?:Manufacture:Ignore him")) { case 1: mes "[Jack]"; mes "I will let you"; mes "know the items I need..."; next; mes "[Jack]"; mes "1 ^3355FFJoker Jester^000000!"; mes "300 ^3355FFAuthoritative Badge^000000!"; mes "10 ^3355FFLemon Dyestuffs^000000!"; mes "10 ^3355FFCobaltblue Dyestuffs^000000!"; mes "10 ^3355FFDarkgreen Dyestuffs^000000!"; mes "1 ^3355FFPoring Coin^000000!"; mes "And ^3355FF1,000,000 Zeny^000000!"; close; case 2: if ((countitem(5003) > 0) && (countitem(662) > 299) && (countitem(976) > 9) && (countitem(978) > 9) && (countitem(979) > 9) && (countitem(7539) > 0) &&(Zeny > 999999)) { mes "[Jack]"; mes "Perfect, perfect !"; mes "Now my masterpiece will be complete!"; mes "Muhahahaha !"; next; delitem 5003,1; // Joker Jester delitem 662,300; // Authoritative Badge delitem 976,10; // Lemon Dyestuffs delitem 978,10; // Cobaltblue Dyestuffs delitem 979,10; //Darkgreen Dyestuffs delitem 7539,1; //Poring Coin set Zeny, Zeny-1000000; mes "[Jack]"; mes "Here you are!"; mes "Joker Jester !"; getitem 5150,1; // Joker Jester next; mes "[Jack]"; mes "Just remember..."; mes "Don't peep at something you shouldn't look at. Well, at least try not to."; close; } else { mes "[Jack]"; mes "Argggghhhhhhh!!"; mes "You didn't bring"; mes "enough items!!!!"; mes "How dare you"; mes "disgrace me!!!"; mes "Baaaadddd !!"; close; } case 3: mes "[Jack]"; mes "Ok bye!"; mes "Thanks for your time!"; close; } }
  8. how can i fix this one? I want max lvl 160/70 but when i change my char into 3rd job class its still stay at lvl 99.. Edited already job_exp,client.conf...can anyone help me
  9. Hello guys cnu pde mkatulong sken d2 sa CTF event... 1. when they click the CTF NPC they will warp in the event map and they will put in a random team. 2. when the event activated they will join the event they will only warp when both team are full. 3. if its full it will announce that the team are already full before they warp in the map how to put a script on announcing the event is not yet available because the team are not yet full? i set it in 10 member each team. sorry for my bad eng //Author Goddameit //Version 2012/06/09 - ''flag_event'' map //Web http://bit.ly/Ja4udH guild_room,236,283,4 script CTF-Reward 100,{ getitem 7711,1; warp "prontera",150,180; end; } prontera,164,170,4 script CTF 100,{ if(getgmlevel()) if(select("Activate Event","Join Event")==1) { initnpctimer; close; } function c_flagon { while(set([email protected],[email protected]+1)<=6) { if(getd("[email protected]"[email protected]+"_a")==getarg(0)) return [email protected]; } return 0; } if(!.game) { mes "No game available right now."; close; } if(.game==2) { mes "Starting the Event."; close; } select("Join"); mes "OK"; set @ctf_tid,.join==0?1:.join==1?2:.join%2; setd ".join_j"+.join,getcharid(3); set .join,.join+1; end; OnTimer3000000: set .w,0; if(.ctf_tp1!=.ctf_tp2) { announce "[CTF] Team "+set(.w,(.ctf_tp1>.ctf_tp2?1:2))+" win.",0; for(set [email protected],0;[email protected]<=.join;set [email protected],[email protected]+1) { if(attachrid(getd(".join_j"[email protected]))) { getmapxy(@cm$,@cx,@cy,0); if(@cm$=="flag_event") { if([email protected]_tid) { warp "guild_room",236,283; }else warp "prontera",150,180; } setd ".join_j"[email protected],0; deltimer "FlagTimer::OnTimerStart"; } } set .join,0; } mapwarp "flag_event","prontera",150,180; close; OnTimer1: OnStart: set .game,1; set .join,0; set .ctf_tn1,0; set .ctf_tn2,0; set .ctf_tp1,0; set .ctf_tp2,0; sleep2(10000); set .game,2; setmapflag "flag_event",mf_pvp; setmapflag "flag_event",mf_pvp_noguild; removemapflag "flag_event",mf_gvg; for(set [email protected],0;[email protected]<=.join;set [email protected],[email protected]+1) { if(attachrid(getd(".join_j"[email protected]))) { if(@ctf_tid==2) warp "flag_event",180,87; else warp "flag_event",33,93; } } initnpctimer "CTF-Point#1"; initnpctimer "CTF-Point#2"; close; OnPCDieEvent: getmapxy(@cm$,@cx,@cy,0); if(@cm$!="flag_event"||.game!=2||[email protected]_tid) end; addtimer 5000,"CTF-Point#"[email protected]_tid+"::OnDie"; OnPCEnd: OnPCLogoutEvent: set @ctf_tu,0; set @CTF,0; if(set([email protected],c_flagon(getcharid(0)))) { deltimer "FlagTimer::OnTimerStart"; callfunc "CTF_LimitSkillWhenCareFlag",0; getmapxy([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],0); hideoffnpc "Flag#"[email protected]; stopnpctimer "Flag#"[email protected]; setd "[email protected]"[email protected]+"_a",0; movenpc "Flag#"[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]; if(@ctf_xt&&@ctf_tid) { specialeffect2 666; set @ctf_xt,0; mapannounce "flag_event","[CTF] Team "[email protected]_tid+" +1",0; setd ".ctf_tp"[email protected]_tid,getd(".ctf_tp"[email protected]_tid)+1; mapannounce "flag_event","[Score] "+.ctf_tp1+" : "+.ctf_tp2,0; movenpc "Flag#"[email protected],107,90; getmapxy(getvariableofnpc(.cm$,"Flag#"[email protected]),getvariableofnpc(.cx,"Flag#"[email protected]),getvariableofnpc(.cy,"Flag#"[email protected]),1,"Flag#"[email protected]); } close; } set @ctf_xt,0; close; } flag_event,107,90,4 script Flag#1 722,{ if(getvariableofnpc(.game,"CTF")!=2||[email protected]_tid) close; function flag_tid { if(getarg(0)<4) return 1; else return 2; } set .k,atoi(strnpcinfo(2)); getmapxy(.cm$,.cx,.cy,1); getmapxy([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],0); if(pow([email protected],2)>9||pow([email protected],2)>9) { message strcharinfo(0),"Too far!!"+rand(1000)+""+rand(1000); close; } if(@CTF) close; set @CTF,1; setd "[email protected]"+.k+"_a",getcharid(0); hideonnpc strnpcinfo(0); callfunc "CTF_LimitSkillWhenCareFlag",1; addtimer 500,"FlagTimer::OnTimerStart"; close; } - script FlagTimer -,{ OnTimerStart: set @ctf_tu,@ctf_tu+1; if(@ctf_tu>120) { unitskilluseid getcharid(3),173,1; doevent "CTF::OnPCEnd"; close; } specialeffect2 589; addtimer 500,"FlagTimer::OnTimerStart"; close; } flag_event,33,93,4 script CTF-Point#1 111,3,3,{ close; OnDie: if(@ctf_tid==2) warp "flag_event",180,87; else warp "flag_event",33,93; close; OnTouch: if(getvariableofnpc(.game,"CTF")!=2||[email protected]_tid) close; if(@ctf_tid!=atoi(strnpcinfo(2))) close; set @ctf_xt,1; doevent "CTF::OnPCEnd"; close; OnTimer500: specialeffect 225; sleep(500); specialeffect 236; sleep(500); specialeffect 237; sleep(500); specialeffect 238; initnpctimer; close; } flag_event,180,87,4 duplicate(CTF-Point#1) CTF-Point#2 45,3,3 flag_event mapflag nowarpto flag_event mapflag nosave flag_event mapflag nobranch flag_event mapflag nopenalty flag_event mapflag noreturn flag_event mapflag nowarp flag_event mapflag noicewall flag_event mapflag nomemo flag_event mapflag pvp flag_event mapflag pvp_noguild this is the special function function script CTF_LimitSkillWhenCareFlag { if(getarg(0,0)) { setarray [email protected],51,135,264,150,426,420,356,249,290,462,464,465; set [email protected],getarraysize([email protected]); set [email protected],0; for(set [email protected],0;[email protected]<[email protected];set [email protected],[email protected]+1) { if(getskilllv([email protected][[email protected]])) { set @ctf_limit_id[[email protected]],[email protected][[email protected]]; set @ctf_limit_lv[[email protected]],getskilllv([email protected][[email protected]]); skill [email protected][[email protected]],0,0; set [email protected],[email protected]+1; } } }else { set [email protected],getarraysize(@ctf_limit_id); for(set [email protected],0;[email protected]<[email protected];set [email protected],[email protected]+1) { skill @ctf_limit_id[[email protected]],@ctf_limit_lv[[email protected]],0; } deletearray @ctf_limit_id[0],128; deletearray @ctf_limit_lv[0],128; } return; } I hope someone help me on this script...thanks in advance I solve it already....hehehe
  10. Hello guys can anyone have Timeplay like this? I want a Manual time play...i just saw some script like hourly points it is a automated script Timeplay Script: 1. The Npc was visible 2. to claim the prize you need to meet the time requirement example: you need to finish 120 hours = 5 days to claim the prize prize: 1 tcg card 3. you can start the timeplay and if you will logout you need to stop your timeplay. Option: [Timeplay Manager] Start Timeplay Stop Timeplay Check Time Claim Prize (But you need to finish first the 120 hrs requirement) Exit Does anyone Have a working stop the clock script? this not working properly. I want to auto give item to the winner of the event and announce the player name prontera.gat,147,170,5 script Stop the Clock at 1000 758,{ if (getgmlevel() >= 60) { announce "STOP THE CLOCK AT 1000 IS STARTING IN 5 SECONDS!",bc_map; sleep2 5000; announce "0",bc_map; set [email protected],0; set [email protected],0; set [email protected],rand(100000,999999); while ([email protected] < 1100) { set [email protected],[email protected]+1; set [email protected],[email protected]+1; if ([email protected] == 100 || ([email protected] == 10 && [email protected] > 600) || ([email protected] == 1 && [email protected] >= 950 && [email protected] < 1050)) { announce [email protected],bc_map; set [email protected],0; specialeffect 18; } sleep2 10; } set [email protected],0; } else { if ([email protected] > 0 && @kcid != [email protected]) { set @kcid,[email protected]; announce "Blue"+strcharinfo(0) + " GOT " + ([email protected]),bc_map; } } } Hope someone have thanks in advance guys (y)
  11. I try 3 accounts the 2 was a lvl 99 GM and the 1 is normal account..but in the end i let the normal account win.
  12. it is in your npc/custom/healer.txt for healer: - script Healer -1,{ set [email protected],0; // Zeny required for heal set [email protected],1; // Also buff players? (1: yes / 0: no) set [email protected],0; // Heal delay, in seconds for find the mushroom and disguise event its in the npc/custom/event for broadcaster,Dice and poring catcher try to search in the search engine and for the job changer just remove the 3rd class option
  13. Can anyone re-edit this LMS script? i dont have errors in the script but its not working properly. if there's a winner he/she will not receive the reward or there's no npc will appear to claim the prize. things i want to edit is: 1.it will announce the time limit of the event (example 3mins) and every min will announce again 2mins,1min. 2.it will countdown 5seconds before the warper will close. 3.need atleast 2 players in the map if not the event will cancel/aborted. 4.it will broadcast the winners name. 5.to claim the reward npc will appear and type his/her name to check if its the winner. after claiming the player will warp to its save point. this is the script guys....hope someone could help me...thanks in advance more power to Rathena (y) prontera,164,174,4 script Last Man Standing 418,{ if ( !.start ) { mes "No Event at the Moment"; close; } if ( .start == 2 ) { mes "Event is running"; close; } if ( .register_count >= .register_limit ) { mes "this event has reach the maximum player participations"; close; } percentheal 100,100; warp "pvp_y_8-2", 0,0; .register_aid[ .register_count ] = getcharid(3); .register_count+++; end; OnWhisperGlobal: if ( getgmlevel() < 60 ) end; //OnClock0000: // put all your start timer here OnMinute00: if ( .start == 2 ) callsub L_resetmap; else if ( .start == 1 ) end; announce "LMS Event: The warper would be open for 1 minute", 0; .start = 1; sleep 30000; // registration timer here announce "LMS Event: Last 30 Seconds", 0; .start = 1; sleep 30000; // registration timer here announce "LMS event registration close", 0; .start = 2; sleep 5000; mapannounce "pvp_y_8-2", "Let's Start the Event !!!!!", 0; if ( .register_count < .register_min ) { announce "not enough participants for LMS event", 0; mapwarp "pvp_y_8-2", .map$, .x, .y; callsub L_resetmap; end; } pvpon "pvp_y_8-2"; end; OnPCDieEvent: OnPCLogoutEvent: if ( .start != 2 || strcharinfo(3) != "pvp_y_8-2" ) end; while ( .register_aid != getcharid(3) && [email protected] < .register_count ) [email protected]++; deletearray .register_aid[[email protected]], 1; .register_count--; warp "SavePoint", 0,0; if ( .register_count > 1 ) end; killmonsterall "pvp_y_8-2"; announce "Congratulations ~ the winner of LMS event is "+ rid2name( .register_aid ), 0; getitem .reward_item_id, .reward_item_amount, .register_aid; // winner prize warpchar "SavePoint", 0,0, getcharid( 0, rid2name( .register_aid ) ); callsub L_reset; end; L_resetmap: mapwarp "pvp_y_8-2", .map$, .x, .y; L_reset: .start = 0; deletearray .register_aid; .register_count = 0; pvpoff "pvp_y_8-2"; return; OnInit: getmapxy .map$, .x, .y, 1; .register_min = 2; // minimum amount of players to start this event, or else it auto-abort .register_limit = 100; // maximum amount of players able to participate in this event .reward_item_id = 7711; .reward_item_amount = 1; end; } pvp_y_8-2 mapflag nosave SavePoint pvp_y_8-2 mapflag nowarp pvp_y_8-2 mapflag nowarpto pvp_y_8-2 mapflag noteleport pvp_y_8-2 mapflag nomemo pvp_y_8-2 mapflag nopenalty //pvp_y_8-2 mapflag nobranch pvp_y_8-2 mapflag noicewall pvp_y_8-2 mapflag pvp_noparty pvp_y_8-2 mapflag pvp_noguild
  14. ohh i sir i will try to fix it...i will update if it works now thanks
  15. sir im using this files. idnum2itemdesctable idnum2itemdisplaynametable idnum2itemresnametable luafiles514 folder: accessoryid accname
  16. Guys can i ask somthing about item description? i have this issue in game if i right click the item to see the description of it there's nothing just blank or sometimes the description of this item will be also its desc. example: Item 1 = white lord kaho horn Description = Exclusive head piece created for ^FF9900Lord Kaho^000000. (White Lord Kaho has never been identified) STR + 5 , INT + 5 VIT + 10 , AGI + 10 LUK + 20 , MDEF + 10 Item Class : ^777777Headgear^000000 Defence Rate : ^77777730^000000 Equipped On : ^777777Upper^000000 Weight : ^77777710^000000 Applicable Job : ^777777Every Job^000000 Item 2 = Bone Mask Description = A mask adorned with bones, giving extra structure and support to your head. Item Class : ^777777Headgear^000000 Defence Rate : ^7777770^000000 Equipped On : ^777777Middle^000000 Weight : ^77777710^000000 Applicable Job : ^777777Every Job^000000 When i right click the item 1 desc is blank, but when item 2 it will appear the desc and when i right click again the item 1 the desc of item 2 will appear in desc of item 1...sorry for a little confuse explanation...hope someone could help me
  17. ohhh i see thanks again for your help
  18. ohhh thanks for fast rply sir thanks a lot +100 for you ohhh last one sir how about Kakashi mask = str+1 and enable plagiarism lvl 5 if possible its only by chance?
  19. Can anyone put a script on this items? because i don't know how to script putting resistance and against. 1.Hokage Hat = add str+5 10% resistance to Fire property attack but take 5% more damage from Water property attack. 2.Raikage Hat = add agi+5 10% resistance to Wind property attack but take 5% more damage from Earth property attack. 3.Mizukage Hat = add int+5 10% resistance to Water property attack but take 5% more damage from Poison property attack. 4.Kazekage Hat = add dex+5 10% resistance to Poison property attack but take 5% more damage from Fire property attack. 5.Tsuchikage Hat = add vit+5 10% resistance to Earth property attack but take 5% more damage from Wind property attack. I hope someone can help me...thanks in advance 19307,Red_Hokage_Hat,Hokage Hat,5,10,1,10,,30,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,256,,1,,1025,{},{},{} 19308,Gold_Hokage_Hat,Raikage Hat,5,10,1,10,,30,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,256,,1,,1026,{},{},{} 19309,Blue_Hokage_Hat,Mizukage Hat,5,10,1,10,,30,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,256,,1,,1027,{},{},{} 19310,Black_Hokage_Hat,Kazekage Hat,5,10,1,10,,30,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,256,,1,,1028,{},{},{} 19311,White_Hokage_Hat,Tsuchikage Hat,5,10,1,10,,30,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,256,,1,,1029,{},{},{}
  20. ohhh thanks for rplying i will try this one
  21. How about on normal PVP and for War of Emperium?
  22. Scotch

    Q>Deal Logs

    oh thanks sir i get already
  23. Scotch

    Q>Deal Logs

    How to track the deal logs of the players in game? 1. Account ID of Player A & B 2. Ip Address of Player A & B 3. Character ID/Name of Player A & B 4. Item ID/Name that he/she deals with the other players if theirs now way please help me cause I need this so badly....thanks
  24. Sir How to make it Random Boss monster on this script? Thanks in Advance //=========== Town Invasion ========== //=========== Version: 1.0 =========== - script towninvasion -1,{ OnClock0800: OnClock1400: OnClock2000: OnClock0200: set .town,rand(11); setarray [email protected]$[0],"morocc","geffen","payon","alberta","izlude","aldebaran","xmas","comodo","yuno","amatsu","gonryun","louyang"; announce "A Boss is destroying our city! Help us!",bc_all,0x00FFFF; sleep2 2000; announce "Hurry before it dominate the whole "[email protected]$[.town]+"!",bc_all,0x00FFFF; sleep2 5000; announce "This monster is quite elusive! So please beat it up!",bc_all,0x00FFFF; monster [email protected]$[.town],0,0,"Bring it on!",1502,1,"towninvasion::OnInvadeKill"; end; OnInvadeKill: announce "Good job, for keeping our city safe!!",bc_all,0x00FFFF; getitem 7539,1; end; OnInit: setarray [email protected]$[0],"morocc","geffen","payon","alberta","izlude","aldebaran","xmas","comodo","yuno","amatsu","gonryun","louyang"; end; }
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