Third Class 2011 Post Balance

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Third Class 2011 Post Balance Patch
As of 0f7ecd0, rAthena is now up to date with the Third Class 2011 Post Balance release from kRO/iRO.
It's safe to say we have finally taken a big step forward to balancing the emulator even more! This was a conglomeration work between leftover work from 3CeAM and other various sources. The information that was used mainly came from iRO Wiki Forums. iRO released their balance notes in a nice format and it was uploaded to Google Docs for everyone to see. Not all of the information is there for all skills so some skills may still need to be worked on. Feel free to look through the docs and make sure the skill is not actually wrong before you post a bug! This is just the first push forward with more to come!
If you run into any issues please make a bug report for that specific skill so we can resolve it! I'll try to keep this post updated with related commits for fixes and updates. We can use everyone's help now to test the skills out since it's hard to test these skills alone and gets very boring. :( Bring on the bug reports! Thanks everyone!
Note: I realize there are a few more changes from 2011 on with the Third Class skills and they will be updated to those newer changes when reliable sources are shown! Thanks!
Follow-up commits:

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