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Report it in asurahosting remember this is rAthena board community not connected in asurahosting problems

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Hi. You are using one of your cPanel web hosting plan. Did you remember to update your domain's name server to ours?


At the moment it is pointing to:


ns3.link.net.   ['']   [TTL=172800] 
ns4.link.net.   ['']   [TTL=172800]


See for yourself : http://intodns.com/accelro.com

So, this is why you are getting that error "Error 137 (net::ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED): Unknown error."


because asurahosting saying they not supporting this.


Yea... because this something you (domain owner) have to do - nothing to do with us.

It was documented in the welcome email you receive, did you read it?

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cant access my website even i upload my fluxcp



Hi papol22,

You stated in your ticket that you needed help with installing FluxCP; this was all you put there. We don't provide support for how to install FluxCP, simply because there are too many guides available on the internet. You should be able to do the research yourself, and install it yourself; cPanel is nearly exactly the same across the board for every shared webhost provider.

As for your issue; it just seems that you don't own "accelro.com". When you registered the webhost; we provide you with 2 options...

1. Use an already existing domain; 1 which you own yourself.

2. Use a free sub-domain, 1 which we can provide you with; example, NAME.ragnarok.so

AsuraHosting does not sell/manage/issue domains, so you'd have to purchase it elsewhere such as... GoDaddy, NameCheap, or Dynadot. Hope this clears everything up for you!

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i purchase domain in  malaya-host.net how to apply it in asurahosting?

Hi papol22,

You need to set the domain's name servers to the following...



Then you simply need to wait until the domain propagates on your domain provider's side, which takes anywhere from 24-48hours. After the propagation is complete, the domain will function properly with your cPanel webhost with us. Enjoy!

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