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  1. same problem.i use tab. but not fixed the problem bump bump bump again someone can help?
  2. how can i make the WOE controller like this Monday WOE: Winner "G-name1" reward 1000 Poring Coin then all the loser guild that break the same castle emp. Will rewarded 500 Poring coin. each guild. Tuesday WOE: Winner still G-name1 will add 200 Pcoin = 1200Pcoin. all loser but able to break the castle emp 500Pcoin. Wednesday WOE: Winner still G-name1 will add 200 Pcoin = 1400Pcoin. all loser but able to break the castle emp 500Pcoin. But Thursday WOE: The G-name1 lose so all lose guild that break the castle emp. will have 500Pcoin. and the Guild that did not break The castle emp. will NOT be rewarded. And the new Castle owner will have 1000Pcoin. Thanks for reading =)
  3. help please reading skill book not working.
  4. papol22

    card rentitem

    it is possible to make the rentitem card. expired even when it is already equip or used.? please help
  5. papol22


    thanks anyway sir=) now all is clear
  6. papol22


    how to make it gm command because in game it says "rentitem is Unknown Command"
  7. papol22


    i have it but how to know or how to activate it?
  8. papol22


    my server dnt have rentitem is turn off or i need to script something?
  9. papol22

    Bonus Stats

    xD sorry sir,but i cnt understand it can you share idea how?
  10. papol22

    Bonus Stats

    it is possible? Please answer=)
  11. papol22

    Bonus Stats

    i just want to know who to set a limit for stats bonus.
  12. papol22


    i purchase domain in how to apply it in asurahosting?
  13. papol22


    oh . i dnt really know about that but i saw and read. but i dont know to to update it. how to update it?