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BGM Problem.


I don't know where to place this topic but it is about BGM (using win 7 64 bit)...

So i tried to follow this method

I tried it and it's working in the game.. (Copy paste to BGM folder)


but when I try to edit the information of the file it won't play anymore in the game.. (Like changing the contribution artist,tracknumber,year,contributing artist,album)

for example i converted the bgm then it resulted to 4.47 MB ... when I edited the information, it became 4.48 MB and won't play IN GAME anymore :(

Anybody encounter this problem before and mind sharing their method??? my goal is i just wanted to keep my custom BGMs organize...

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Hello Munchkin,

Seeing you posted something about the file size that make the BGM stopped playing in game, I would like to suggest you to lower the bitrate of the BGM so that the file will not go too large. In fact, I don't know about this one but let's try. I am concerning that there might be a limitation of the file size of BGM.

Have a nice day!

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i think you dont have mp3nametable.txt in your data.. when im use this SITE to change the bitrate..

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