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fluxcp LIVE error


how to fix this?

Critical Error

An error was encountered during the lifetime of the application.

This could be due to a variety of problems, such as a bug in the application.

However, normally it is caused by misconfiguration.

Exception Details

Error: PDOException

Message: SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied for user 'root'@'srv20.000webhost.com' (using password: YES)

File: /home/a7626653/public_html/cp/lib/Flux/Connection.php:81 File Line Function/Method /home/a7626653/public_html/cp/lib/Flux/Connection.php 81 PDO::__construct() /home/a7626653/public_html/cp/lib/Flux/Connection.php 94 Flux_Connection::connect() /home/a7626653/public_html/cp/lib/Flux/Connection.php 159 Flux_Connection::getConnection() /home/a7626653/public_html/cp/modules/server/status.php 23 Flux_Connection::getStatement() /home/a7626653/public_html/cp/lib/Flux/Template.php 337 include() /home/a7626653/public_html/cp/lib/Flux/Dispatcher.php 168 Flux_Template::render() /home/a7626653/public_html/cp/index.php 177 Flux_Dispatcher::dispatch()

Exception Trace As String

#0 /home/a7626653/public_html/cp/lib/Flux/Connection.php(81): PDO->__construct(*hidden*)

#1 /home/a7626653/public_html/cp/lib/Flux/Connection.php(94): Flux_Connection->connect(Object(Flux_Config))

#2 /home/a7626653/public_html/cp/lib/Flux/Connection.php(159): Flux_Connection->getConnection()

#3 /home/a7626653/public_html/cp/modules/server/status.php(23): Flux_Connection->getStatement('SELECT COUNT(ch...')

#4 /home/a7626653/public_html/cp/lib/Flux/Template.php(337): include('/home/a7626653/...')

#5 /home/a7626653/public_html/cp/lib/Flux/Dispatcher.php(168): Flux_Template->render()

#6 /home/a7626653/public_html/cp/index.php(177): Flux_Dispatcher->dispatch(Array)

#7 {main}

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check server.php make sure its correct....you can check your inter_athena.conf

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this is my server.php

'Hostname' => '180.191.****',<<<------i put my ip here

'Username' => 'root',

'Password' => '*******',<<<-----my pass

'Database' => 'chokro',

'Persistent' => true,

'Timezone' => null, // Example: '+0:00' is UTC.

'Hostname' => '180.191.****',<<<------i put my ip here

'Username' => 'root',

'Password' => '******',<<<-----my pass

'Database' => 'chokro',

'Persistent' => true,

'Timezone' => null // Possible values is as described in the comment in DbConfig.

// Login server configuration.

'LoginServer' => array(

'Address' => '180.191.****',<<<------i put my ip here

'Port' => 6900,

'UseMD5' => false,

'NoCase' => true, // eA account case-sensitivity; Default: Case-INsensitive (true).

'Level' => 0, // Default account level during registration.

//'Database' => 'ragnarok'

'CharServer' => array(

'Address' => '180.191.****',<<<------i put my ip here

'Port' => 6121


'MapServer' => array(

'Address' => '180.191.****',<-------i put my ip here

'Port' => 5121

this is my inter_athena

// Global SQL settings

// overriden by local settings when the hostname is defined there

// (currently only the login-server reads/obeys these settings)


sql.db_port: 3306

sql.db_username: root

sql.db_password: *****<<<<<------my pass

sql.db_database: chokro


// MySQL Character SQL server


char_server_port: 3306

char_server_id: root

char_server_pw: *****<<<<<------my pass

char_server_db: chokro

// MySQL Map SQL Server


map_server_port: 3306

map_server_id: root

map_server_pw: *****<<<<<------my pass

map_server_db: chokro

// MySQL Log SQL Database


log_db_port: 3306

log_db_id: root

log_db_pw: *****<<<<<------my pass

log_db_db: log


log_login_db: loginlog

is this right?

Edited by gniryudan

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The error occured when your CP try to access root'@'srv20.000webhost.com SQL and got denied.

You need to grant access in your SQL.

Hope it helps, goodluck :)

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Hello gnyiryudan,

in 000webhost, as I know and as I remembered, they are not giving us the opportunity to do a remote-access to the MySQL database, if you take the free package.

If you would like to have the SQL database remote access, you will have to spend some money.

Have a nice day!

Hello gnyiryudan,

Sorry for reading the wrong error message.

Grant the ragnarok tables by doing this:

  1. Open your MySQL Workbench
  2. connect to your server via the Server administration (the right one)
  3. Click on the "Users and Privileges", under the "security", on the left pane
  4. click Add account,
  5. put 'root' on the Login Name box.
  6. you can put 'srv20.000webhost.com' or '%' on the "Limit Connectivity to Hosts Matching:" box. Note that '%' means every host.
  7. put your password on the Password box and the Confirm password box.
  8. Then, click on "Apply".
  9. Move to the second tab, "Schema Privileges"
  10. click on the user that you wish to grant the privilege, either root or ragnarok, according to which do you use.
  11. click on the "Add entry" button, located on the right side of the window.
  12. Now, you do understand which you should choose, to grant Any Host from 'username' or a selected host: "srv20.000webhost.com". and on the schema, I suggest you to take "selected schema", with selecting: log, cp, ragnarok. Otherwise, considering the username is root, therefore Any Schema would be likely to be chosen.
  13. Click OK and click on the "Save Changes".
  14. Refresh your Flux CP and see whether it is working or not. if not, restart your MySQL server.

Have a nice day!

Edited by Winz
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i will try this ty...^_____________________^

wooooooaaahhhhhh its working now TY..........ur great AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ty ty ty ty ty.....


Edited by gniryudan

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hi, gniryudan

Actually, I wanted to suggest you to create a new user, so then the CP and the RO server will access database using another username, not root. Otherwise, it seems fine too.

Glad I could help you. please edit the thread using the Full Editor and change the Topic Prefix to "Solved". Thank you.

Have a nice day

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