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Problems about screen size with client 2012-06-18


Hi guys, at first, sorry for my english, it's really bad,

I have a lot of questions or troubles with 2012 Exed clients, the 1rst trouble is about Screen Size... i use Setup.exe and put my screen resolution, ok (with Administrator privileges) but, when i launch 2012 Exed my screen resolution returns to 640x480 and i don't know why....

I'm using Shin's Diff Patcher and Wee Diff Gen and i try patching using HKLM to HKCU but Setup.exe have a blucle, and i can't launch 2012 Exed.


The second trouble is the famous "Rejected from server (3)" and i read in this forum that i need to use DLL WDGSkipPacketHeaderObfuscation but i'm using it, and i have the same error.

The server always show me "clif_parse: Disconnecting session #7 with unknown packet version (p:0x1963,l:19)."

Thanks in advance and i hope you can help me.


PD: i'm using the last version of rAthena, updated with svn.

PD: If you don't understant or need more information, please say me

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Yes, i try to using this, but i have the same problem, always change my resolution :/

btw thanks for reponse, i think that i download the latest versión of ragnarok and try this

I'm waiting for more options

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You should use other client date's like for an example 2012-04-10aRagexeRE.

You can download 2012-04-10aRagexeRE Here. Use Shin's Diff Patcher and always Auto-select recommended patches, Dont forget to add the Custom Window Title, Extended Chat Box, Extended Chat Room Box, Extended PM Box, Fix Camera Angles Medium, Ignore Missing File Errors, Ignore Missing Palette Errors, Increase Headgear View ID (1000 ~ 30000), Remove Serial Display, Skip License Screen, Use Ragnarok Icon and remove the Read Data Folder First so that you can adjust your Client Window into 640x480, 720x480, 720x576, 800x600, 848x480 and 1024x768 also you can choose if its Window or Full Screen Size. If you are using Lub file also remove the Load LUA Before LUB but if your using Lua don't remove it.

[Note]: Some 2012 client's will not work. Only the client date's in your db/packet_db.txt will work

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