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Comparatives of Renewal Mechanics

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Here i made a comparative between main servers, iRO calc, Ragstate 2.25 and our RR mod rev 79, just to see how far are we against the real Renewal Mechanics from main servers.

The comparative has been done using a Swordman 15/17 using a Blade[4]+4


Even if our ATK doesn't show correctly it still granting the same damage. I'm not quite sure where are we getting the +8 from ATK, but we need to move Weapon_ATK to the right side of the ATK fields.

Our Def is reversed, and also we need to work a little bit with Mdef.( Doing a few test to get a correct formula)

The only good thing we can get from iRO wiki is their ASPD formula.

Luk must to be changed since the correct formula must to be:

luk = critical + 0.35

Tested over fRO/kRO/iRO/bRO. And not as it's actually applied.

luk = critical + 0.3

For that reason we're missing 1 Critical and on higher levels the difference will get noticed even more because the gap of missing 0.05 LUK will increase by each statpoint added.

Def bonus from stat is being added incorrectly in RR mod since it has been added the def bonus from vit 3 instead vit 2 and for that reason we have that little variation in Def compared to main servers.

Here are a few screenshots explaining better the issue:


As everyone can see there is a little difference when is applied the Def bonus. i used RagState to take the screenshots from Main servers, because i don't have more free slots to make chars in my iRO accounts, and kRO is down applying a new update for their servers.

After to complete a few tests that i'm doing over main servers iRO / kRO / fRO, i'm going to edit my post with more comparatives.


After thousand of tests i began to realize the information from iRO wiki site is not too reliable when it comes to test skill formulas against how it works over main servers.

I still gathering more info about Renewal Mechanics to have enough information about how does the formulas work, to fix a few stuff.


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I've never fully believed in iRO Wiki's skill formulas because I've never gotten approachs to my damages in bRO.

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