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Is there any avenue you are part of in doing game making/modding?


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Yes all of us here  so enjoy modding(idk if that's the right term to use) Ragnarok Online, But is there other software you are indulging in while in game making also?

I used to dabble abit with RPG Maker, I'm thinking of giving it a go again, you know, to wet my feet in architectural game design..but I think Godot, Coco and Unity deserve a go too.

Unreal's way too demanding in size..

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I agree with the Unreal statement.

I used to write mods for Skyrim about 10 years ago, then I got bored and started to learn Java properly and ended up building my own modpack for Minecraft.

These days when I have time (which sadly is rarely) I use Unity to develop PC games and Construct3 for mobile apps. My RPGMaker days are back in the early 2010's where they should stay /rice

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I used to use OHRRPGCE (kinda like RPG maker, but more niche and less handholding).

And I helped out with some Shining Force 1 mods using SF1Edit.

I also used C++ Builder for the two coffeebreak roguelikes I made.

But mostly I develop text-based games using pure c++.

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