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refine_db.yml is not being read properly


refine_db.yml is not being read properly

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  • rAthena Hash: d01b718cc06d91db60336b562b7076299eee1ae4

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  • Client Date: 20200304

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From one day to another my refine UI is being SUPER weird. It seems like my refine_db.yml is not being read properly. Did something change?

Even reverting to a date (23.10.2020) where the refine UI was working 100% on my server flawlessy, it does not work anymore.

Could SQL affect this?

grafik No matter what equipment I use, it will ask for elunium and enriched elunium until refine level +10. at +10 and higher, it asks for HD carnium and carnium. No matter what equipment type, armor, shadow, weapon / lv 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 it always asks for these materials.

The only way I can change the materials is, if I replace the materiel in refine_db.yml. But then again the same story, just with a different material.

Even a knife [1] level 1 weapon asks for elunium and enriched elunium from refine level 1-10.

I tried everything, super desperate rn. cant explain this behaviour at all.

refine_db.yml https://upaste.me/978e535019763c193

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