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Please, I need help to decrease the damage of a skill


I am here to pray for the gods once again. /ene

So, guys i'm strugglin to reduce the Asura damage a little bit, I just need -10% of the damage in PvP maps. I have tried everything that I know, but it does not work.

emulador/db > skill_damage_db.txt

I put everything correct (I guess), for exemple:


In this example the Bash change the damage, but the Asura Strike does not, even with SM_BASH,1,6,1500,0,0,0 and MO_EXTREMITYFIST,1,6, -1500,0,0,0 the same happens, the damage of Bash rise a lot, but the Asura Strike not reduce. Its so strange that even if I try to rise the Asura damage it wont change. It seems that nothing related to Asura in skill_damage_db.txt works.

I just need a "simple" MO_EXTREMITYFIST,BL_PC,2,-10 or MO_EXTREMITYFIST,1,2,-10 (reduce 10% of the damage only in PvP maps)

Thank you guys for your time /kis

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19 hours ago, BeWan said:

try this.

It worked completely!!

I spent a whole day researching and trying to make it work, thank you so much!!  /lv


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