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Error de sprites para personajes femenino

darling fajardo

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Buenas noches amigos,

El error es el siguiente: el cliente no quiere leer los sprites originales de la carpeta data\sprite\¾Ç¼¼»ç¸®\³²

Sino que los lee con otro nombre o caracteres diferentes al original.

Ejemplo el nomnre del sprite original es ³²_À½Ç¥ÇìµåÆù

El cliente intenta leerlo con este nombre y da error: ver imagen


Hace poco funcionaba todo perfecto, no recuerdo haber modificado algún archivo que produzca este error, alguien me ayuda a solucionarlo?

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3 hours ago, darling fajardo said:

Good night friends,

The error is the following: the client does not want to read the original sprites from the folder data \ sprite \ ¾Ç¼¼ »ç¸® \ ³²

Rather, it reads them with another name or characters different from the original one.

Example the name of the original sprite is ³²_À½Ç ¥ ÇìµåÆù

The client tries to read it with this name and gives an error: see image


Recently everything was working perfectly, I don't remember having modified any file that produces this error, can someone help me solve it?

Do you have any customization items or accounts that can equip any items?
For example, a Priest equip bow or Mjolnir or Balmung. It might produce error.

If yes, dont enable accounts that can equip all items and unequip them.

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wrong word
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