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Poring Adventures!

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Welcome to Poring Adventures!
Jump into the world of #VanaheimRO and play as a Poring! Jump your way across various obstacles and battle a multitude of monsters! Gain experience for health and collect powerups to become the ultimate Poring. Evolve from Poring to Mastering and follow your multiple-ring forms throughout the different stages. Give it a try today at http://VanaheimRO.com/poringadventures !

Here's a video of the Boss fight for level 3-5 , Gryphon.



Beta Mobile Version:


Please report any bugs or suggestions. New levels in the making!
NOTE: CTRL+F5 to refresh page for latest update version.


Recent Updates: 0.2.5

-Added new levels complete up to and including 4-5, Boss Fight Hallowring. 
-New touch added. More compatible with all devices for better performance.

-When a new release is made, you must restart the game, sorry!

Please report any bugs. Thanks!

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looks interesting game for playing. I want to play poring adventures soon. I am fond of playing different games like rpg and minecraft.  Plus use vpn apps for windows when can not get access to my gaming accounts. Also its a simple way to protect online privacy during playing games.

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Thanks for the feedback. I just released level 3-5 (Boss) Gryphon. He's a tough one, so try not to rage quit. 😛

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Screens? Video?

If i try opening site - it's just create 3 process and overload my CPU

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This initial launch for every new version (or if you clear cache/CTRL+F5 refresh) will take some time to load, but the game runs quite smoothly, I assure you. It does create an offline version on your computer, however; this is where it saves the data for the next time you load. This process will depend on your current internet speeds. I'll test a few more ways to see if I can make it go faster for you.

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