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don't open the equipment window for a certain time


Hello friends, 

First my apologize if my post is in a wrong place, i'm new here...


I have been facing a somewhat strange problem.

My equipment window works and always worked correctly and I don't face any equipment sprite problems.


Our project is in terminal and right now we have discovered a Bug a little uncomfortable ...

My equipment window closes my client with "Gravity Error" only if I try to open it while we are on a map loading screen.

I have tried at "Source" to block this in all ways, and I believe that it is beyond my power to resolve this, as I have definitely tried everything and nothing interferes with the action of "warping.state".


So I came to beg for the help of some of you professionals,

Is there a "maybe one script" way of not allowing the player to do any action while in the action of changing maps? "Load"

any action = Include not using Shortcuts.

I appreciate any help.

Obs = My client is 20200108
This error has already been tested on older customers, and it started to happen on (2019+) clients.

Alt+q when loadingmap.jpg


Reporting Video.


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Putting aside the point of opening an equipment window in the loading screen, what client version is the "Gravity Error" screenshot from, since the time stamp is null and as far as I know, crash windows look different in new clients. Saying 20200108 does not help much, as there is aRagexe and bRagexeRE, and I don't want to take both clients apart.

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