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KRO C-Code System (Implemented in 2013)


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Ever wonder why these random number show up in your RO game client?

It's called Character Code (C-CODE), an old system that implemented around 2013.

If you enable this system you'll be protected against fraud since it offers a unique additional protection for each player present in-game.



As you can see from the screenshot above, there exists an extra set of codes (It show up int he basic information window, and the right-click menu of player object).

According to KRO, these codes doesn't repeat/overlap and its unique for every players. It offers a unique additional protection for each player present in-game.


When you right-click on any player object, the C-Code are shown at the last menu ([C-Code] : ### - ###)
Its ranging from 000-000 ~ 999-999, around 1,000,000 set of codes. 

However its not confirmed that the numbers won't repeat itself if there are multiple server setup.


Click on the menu, the C-Code will be copied to clipboard.


Open up any text editor or notepad, press on CTRL + V, the codes will be shown in the editor.

Notes: If you copied the codes, and take a screenshot right away, the codes will be removed from the clipboard.


The codes are shown display behind character's level in the trading window.

3Pj9ZQt.png GJO8fwO.png

Sample of different C-Code for different characters.


References: home.gamer.com.tw


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