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Request a custom PvP script!


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Hello guys,

I'm looking for a PvP warper that allows you to choose between normal and PvP  no Pot, in addition to telling you how many people are in the room and telling you the ranking of the highest number of deaths per player. 

it only has 2 pvps rooms.

that of normal pvp which is guild_vs3 and guild_vs2 for pvp not pot.

like in this example: image.png.20c5e4720e4a597713e0512bf717e648.png

Selo would be grateful from the heart.

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Posted (edited)

Hi @Deye0823

As your requested, please find attach file for PVP Warper with Death Ranking for map guild_vs3 and guild_vs2.

For your information, I have added a few function in the script. Maybe it will help you in the future.

After that, for PVP No Pots. You need to manually add list of potion/consume item that you want disable in db/re/item_noequip.txt or db/pre-re/item_noequip.txt

For an example, please refer as per below.

607,2 //For your information, 2 is restricted an item in PVP
501,2 //Disable Red Potion
502,2 //Disable Orange Potion
503,2 //Disable Yellow Potion


That it, have fun and good luck! 


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