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The Man of Greed

Mob en una celda

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Tengo el siguiente problema... Uso la la clase Assassin junto una cantidad de Mob y luego cuando uso Hiding, los mob se dispersan  y no quedan en una celda, sinceramente no he tocado el monster_ia.



// Defines various mob AI related settings. (Note 3)
// 0x001: When enabled mobs will update their target cell every few iterations
//        (normally they never update their target cell until they reach it while
//        chasing)
// 0x002: Makes mob use their "rude attack" skill (usually warping away) if they
//        are attacked and they can't attack back regardless of how they were
//        attacked (eg: GrimTooth), otherwise, their rude attack" is only activated
//        if they can't melee reach the target (eg: sniping)
// 0x004: If not set, mobs that can change target only do so when attacked within a
//        distance of [attack range+1], otherwise mobs may change target and chase 
//        ranged attackers. This flag also overrides the 'provoke' target.
// 0x008: When set, mobs scatter as soon as they lose their target. Use this mode
//        to make it much harder to mob-train by hiding and collecting them on a
//        single spot (ie: GrimTooth training)
// 0x010: If set, mob skills defined for friends will also trigger on themselves.
// 0x020: When set, the monster ai is executed for all monsters in maps that 
//        have players on them, instead of only for mobs who are in the vicinity
//        of players.
// 0x040: When set, when the mob's target changes map, the mob will walk towards
//        any npc-warps in it's sight of view (use with mob_warp below)
// 0x080: If not set, mobs on attack state will only change targets when attacked
//        by normal attacks. Set this if you want mobs to also switch targets when
//        hit by skills.
// 0x100: When set, a mob will pick a random skill from it's list and start from
//        that instead of checking skills in orders (when unset, if a mob has too
//        many skills, the ones near the end will rarely get selected)
// 0x200: When set, a mob's skill re-use delay will not be applied to all entries of
//        the same skill, instead, only to that particular entry (eg: Mob has heal
//        on six lines in the mob_skill_db, only the entry that is actually used
//        will receive the delay). This will make monsters harder, especially MvPs.
// 0x400: Set this to make mobs have a range of 9 for all skills. Otherwise, they 
//        will obey the normal skill range rules.
// 0x800: When set, monsters that are provoked will always change target to the
//        provoking person, even if they would usually not change target on attack.
// Example: 0x140 -> Chase players through warps + use skills in random order.
monster_ai: 0


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Hace 10 horas, El hombre de la avaricia dijo:


Tengo el siguiente problema ... Uso de la clase Asesino junto con una cantidad de Mob y luego cuando uso Escondiendo, la mafia se dispersa y no queda en una celda, sinceramente no tocado el monster_ia.

conf / battle / monster.conf

Si no funciona del modo que esperas, seguro es porque no es un modo oficial.

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Bien, el quiere agarrarlos de lleno con la skill grimtooth.. generalmente al hacer hiding la mob se mantiene acumulada en una sola celda proxima al jugador, pero a el se le dispersan rapidamente, esta conducta no tiene que ver con el AI, porque si la activaras, los monstruos no se dispersan cerca, mas bien sale huyendo..

la conducta normal corresponde a battle/misc.conf y tienes que poner el official cell stack limit en cero.

// Determines max number of characters that can stack within a single cell. 
// Official - Only affects the walking routines of characters, including monsters.
// If a unit stops walking and is on a cell with more than stack limit
// characters on it, it will walk to the closest free cell.
// Set to 0 for no cell stacking checks and free movement.
// Custom - This variation will make every full cell to be considered a wall.
// NOTE: For the custom setting to take effect you have to use a server compiled
// with Cell Stack Limit support (see src/map/map.hpp)
official_cell_stack_limit: 0
custom_cell_stack_limit: 1

Aquí les dejo un video, pueden hacer la misma prueba y notar la diferencia. 
Sin mas que agregar reitero que la conducta oficial es sinónimo de joder al user, hemos experimentado y crecido con una forma de jugar toda la vida,  y cada servidor que utiliza una revisión nueva (llenisima de cambios como este) nos trae un sabor amargo, este es sencillo, habran otros cambios mas dificiles como el hit del magnum, entre otros.  

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