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Dynamic Job Change By Item


Hello all,

Is there any scripts for consumable items that change the player job while keeping previous job information? I want to create a flexible job system (similar to FFXIV's) where you can play with any job, level it, change to another, level it and finally return to the previous with the same job level and skills. Like:

- Novice -> reaches lvl 10 -> Swordsman -> reaches lvl 40 -> Knight -> reaches lvl 20 -> Acolyte -> reaches lvl 10 -> Knight still on lvl 20 (at anytime)

Every job will be represented by a consumable item that is earned on quests following the standard path of Ragnarok (reach lvl 40 as Swordsman for Knight job item). Names like: Soul of the Novice, Soul of the Swordsman, Soul of the Mage, etc.

This way a single character can maximize all the game jobs. And this opens the possibility for new gameplay strategies.

Like: 2 friends playing, both having Mage and Acolyte jobs available. They can switch the jobs to buff one another while playing.

Thank you in advance

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It´s possible, but requieres some... complicate changes. First you will need to create some new tables on DB imitating the skill table and char table and then make a few scripting functions to read from query_sql to finally so some jobchanges and skill commands. I´m not going to lie, it´s complicated and I doubt someone will share it for free.

Also there are some things to consider, like... you will have separated stats for each player class? In that case, you will need to think in 3rd jobs and the base lvl cap... Possible, but complicated.

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Nice script Emistry.

Havin one example and translating it:

Novice >> First >> Second >> Second >> Second >> Third
Novice >> Swordman >> Knight >> Priest >> Crusader >> Royal Guard

Thinking as if you are already a RG, you will be able to get back at knight or priest with the same skills it had? (also at anytime using an item?)

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