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More Mobs in same Script.


I modified some MVP to stay still. just to test damage.

I have a damage check with Barricade. where the barricade regenerates and is well configured, (got it on the net)

What I wanted to know was how to add 10 different mobs in this same NPC .... and in different locations.

//===== rAthena Script =============================================
//= Punching Bag NPC
//===== By: ========================================================
//= Secretdataz
//===== Current Version: ===========================================
//= 0.1
//===== Changelog: =================================================
//= 0.1 Initial commit
//===== Compatible With: ===========================================
//= rAthena Project
//===== Additional Comments: =======================================
//= When duplicating this NPC. Only use NUMBER after the # [secret]
prontera,158,180,0    script    PunchingBag#0    844,{
    getunitdata(getnpcid(0), [email protected]);
    monster strnpcinfo(4),[email protected][UNPC_X],[email protected][UNPC_Y],"Punching Bag",1905,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnMyMobDead";
    [email protected] = atoi(strnpcinfo(2));
    .gid[[email protected]] = [email protected][0];
    .mhp[[email protected]] = strmobinfo(4,1905);
    setunitdata .gid[[email protected]],UMOB_MODE,[email protected][UMOB_MODE]|0x4000000|0x0200000; // Set MD_STATUS_IMMUNE (0x4000000) because EDP/burn/%MHP based status can skew the DPS counter so much.
    [email protected] = atoi(strnpcinfo(2));
    if(unitexists(.gid[[email protected]])){
        getunitdata(.gid[[email protected]],[email protected]);
        [email protected] = (.mhp[[email protected]] - [email protected][UMOB_HP]);
        if([email protected] > 0){
            npctalk "Punching Bag : I've taken " + ([email protected]/5) + " DPS in last 5 seconds.";
            setunitdata .gid[[email protected]],UMOB_HP,.mhp[[email protected]];
            specialeffect EF_HEAL;

prontera,216,79,0    duplicate(PunchingBag#0)    PunchingBag#1    844
prontera,224,70,0    duplicate(PunchingBag#0)    PunchingBag#2    844
prontera,216,58,0    duplicate(PunchingBag#0)    PunchingBag#3    844
prontera,224,58,0    duplicate(PunchingBag#0)    PunchingBag#4    844


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Better use the updated punching bag. It works like a charm. Just need to edit it a little.


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