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Community Answers

  1. You will need an npc and also edit your source code for this
  2. How did you spawn the monster? @summon or @monster?
  3. Can you please be specific of the error?
  4. You can edit the text item
  5. Great release as usual! Are you using the battleground official?
  6. If you are using gepard, for your last unique id, gepard already has that function.
  7. I am bot familiar with the shrink stone. But you can try to add a mapflag on the script of the item.
  8. Are you referring to the sql injection via sql query?
  9. Not sure about the command but you can try to wipe your guildskill database to reset it.
  10. Better use the updated punching bag. It works like a charm. Just need to edit it a little.
  11. You will either need to edit the source code of the game for that or replace the sprites themselves. Hope it give you more info.
  12. Can you do an Ontouch for the npcs to trigger the player to play a certain music?
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