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  1. I need to ask if this is right? Or should it be "apt-get install" also the last line is "php7.0-opache"?
  2. So does that mean i can skip installation of all the unstable ones?
  3. Hi Alayne! I did try your script on rathena. I noticed that when a player dies, he drops his item on the ground. Any thoughts to why this might be the case?
  4. hi! i tried using this and for some reason when players die, they drop their equips?
  5. Psy Ops

    Chat Spam [Allow chat spam]

    Thanks Tarts! Is there like a way to just diff the server files? Thanks in advance!
  6. Psy Ops

    Item Shower Command please?

    How do i set this for Event gms with group 4 as their label?
  7. Psy Ops

    Mob Count Rate Script

    you will need to add a setbattleflag for it then just need to trigger the command @reloadscript or @reloadbattleconf. Not sure what would be best to use there since i am fairly new
  8. Psy Ops

    About my Floating Rates

    Tried the script, was bout to have an error every time you needed to reload the npc file. is there like no set fuction to put it on the default server rates first before the script loads? I feel as if the script its good but it loops (the rates stack when you reload) Update: Will the true function solve the reload nature of this script?
  9. Psy Ops

    Utility: Daily Rewards Giver

    Hi! How to increase the daily login from 5 to 7?
  10. Psy Ops

    Updated Annieruru Dota PVP ladder

    At the moment, it is still Annieruru's 2.9 version that is currently being used atm.
  11. Psy Ops

    Compensation NPC

    It is possible granted that you will use an SQL query that will detect only account_ids that are older.
  12. I will try the script. Should I replace the @cuentaid to account id?
  13. Psy Ops

    Need help po para sa custom usable aura.

  14. Hi! New to scripting and Rathena. Does anyone know how to allow chat spam in game since the game has a limit of three spams only. Thanks!