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  1. Psy Ops

    Blind status

    Does anyone know how to resize the black screen that comes with blind status? I want to make it a bit bigger.
  2. There is an announcer that toggles all maps.
  3. I think this is not possible unless you change the source script of the game. Inevitably, you will need to relog the game. Because you are loading database files. Its not as easy to do. If there is a way, i am super interested to know.
  4. Psy Ops

    R>Enchant RWC

    Enchant meaning add stats? Stones for more stats?
  5. Add a script before the option. You can try. if (baselvl >= 175)
  6. You will neee to either modify the main skill script. Or add a skill that is different from the other skills.
  7. I need to ask if this is right? Or should it be "apt-get install" also the last line is "php7.0-opache"?
  8. So does that mean i can skip installation of all the unstable ones? So does that mean i can skip installation of all the unstable ones? I am using a debian 9.5 64 bit vps atm bt digital cloud. I was also wondering if this post is still applicable on a new debian 9.5.
  9. Hi Alayne! I did try your script on rathena. I noticed that when a player dies, he drops his item on the ground. Any thoughts to why this might be the case? Solved. The map by default is on nightmare mode.
  10. hi! i tried using this and for some reason when players die, they drop their equips?
  11. Thanks Tarts! Is there like a way to just diff the server files? Thanks in advance!
  12. How do i set this for Event gms with group 4 as their label?
  13. you will need to add a setbattleflag for it then just need to trigger the command @reloadscript or @reloadbattleconf. Not sure what would be best to use there since i am fairly new
  14. Tried the script, was bout to have an error every time you needed to reload the npc file. is there like no set fuction to put it on the default server rates first before the script loads? I feel as if the script its good but it loops (the rates stack when you reload) Update: Will the true function solve the reload nature of this script?