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  1. Psy Ops

    Utility: Daily Rewards Giver

    Hi! How to increase the daily login from 5 to 7?
  2. Psy Ops

    Updated Annieruru Dota PVP ladder

    At the moment, it is still Annieruru's 2.9 version that is currently being used atm.
  3. Psy Ops

    Compensation NPC

    It is possible granted that you will use an SQL query that will detect only account_ids that are older.
  4. I will try the script. Should I replace the @cuentaid to account id?
  5. Psy Ops

    Need help po para sa custom usable aura.

  6. Hi! New to scripting and Rathena. Does anyone know how to allow chat spam in game since the game has a limit of three spams only. Thanks!
  7. Psy Ops

    Utility: Lucky Roulette Prize Changer

    Where specifically in the script sir? Sorry i am very new to scripting.
  8. Psy Ops

    Utility: Lucky Roulette Prize Changer

    Hi, I've downloaded your script and i want to know how to add items for this roullette?
  9. Psy Ops

    Best RO VPS/HOST

    Thank you!
  10. Psy Ops

    Best RO VPS/HOST

    Thank you for your reply xyxzero! Can you please link one if that is okay?
  11. Psy Ops

    Best RO VPS/HOST

    Does anyone know if Digital Ocean supports Ragnarok servers? If you need to have it configured/install necessary files before adding the game? Newbie here!
  12. Psy Ops

    Error found on phpmyadmin

    Hi! Did you select the items that you will import/export? You will need to select items before using the import/export functions. If it is just technically the tab itself, there might be other errors Not an expert but i hope it helps.
  13. Psy Ops

    Disable guilds entering WoE Maps

    Hi! is there anyone who can help me with the script? - script arugm -1,{ OnPCLoadMapEvent: getmapxy [email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],0; if ([email protected]$ == "aru_gld" && getcharid(2)!=263) { dispbottom "You cannot enter this map."; warp "SavePoint",0,0; } end; } aru_gld mapflag loadevent My Goals it just to put specific guilds to be able to warp to the castles areas. Please help!
  14. Psy Ops

    Block GM from entering certain map.

    Guys can this be changed to specific guilds that can only enter WoE Maps?