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Hello people,

I'm just starting a project to develop a control panel using Python-Django. The project just started, so it has no features completed yet!

Some benefits on having a CP with Django:

  • easier to maintain, easier to setup
  • simple, clean, compatible environment, uses few resources
  • can run on Docker and Heroku with less than 5 commands
  • it auto manages the db tables it uses (upgrades, modifications, etc)
  • Uses bootstrap, so its easy to modify/rebrand

So if you want to contribute, just send me a DM and I'll add you to the repo as contributor.



  1. Account
    1. Register  ✅
    2. Login ✅
    3. Logout ✅
    4. unsalted MD5 encryption ✅
  2. Char
    1. All Char list view ✅
    2. Char view ✅
      1. Reset position ✅
      2. reset style ✅
      3. reset save map ✅
  3. Admin
    1. Change account ✅
    2. Change RO settings on account ✅
    3. Modify char ✅


Discord: _giosan#4472

Telegram: @evergreen2



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Posted (edited)

Features request (can be applied to any control panel what people trying to develop on any language):

  • account registration with access only to login table (user, pass, captcha, email confirmation, sex, birthdate (optional)), referral nickname).
  • account management: reset pass, re-sent login to email
  • character management: reset hair style, hair color, cloth style, last map, save a map, homunculus/mercenary/pet (clean it)
  • master account inside which you can make a game accounts
  • do not use any bloated shit, and use only the latest modern and well-tested components.
  • do not make bloated code or features.
  • html5/less/css3/ (optional) + js
  • follow any modern/good/ easy to use or modify templates. This is a key feature. If devs can build beautiful websites easy - your CP will grow.
    If not - y our CP will die.
  • security, verify ALL user input, do not trust to users at all. Use as less code as you can, verify everything
  • caching which will work with speed, Nginx FastCGI, or redis, or anything else (important against DDOS attacks)
  • donation module: paypal, stripe, cryptocurrency, any other payment method. 
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