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1 Mob behaviour/Word filter

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After playing for a while I have noticed that mobs behave somewhat differently than I remember.

If you used to group up mobs and used hide they would all group up and stack together for 3 or 4 seconds but now they simply spread out. I know this is a more modern mob behavior change but I do not recall this being on the old server and the only thing it does is make a sinx with no gear very unhappy so consider changing it please.

Also if you stuck very close would chase you forever but now it seems the mobs randomly lose interest in following you. Every mob will do this but it is particularly noticeable with Anolians which I remember you were able to mob quite well in the old AvalonRO.

Another minor issue is that there is a swear filter active, this is technically working as intended but interferes with using @ii, @mi and the autoloot commands. I have currently only seen it censor the word "ass" but there is very likely many other words blocked and this probably should be removed.

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