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Easycore's Extended BG NPCs Errors


Hello everyone, I'm having problems with Easycore's BG NPCs. I'm using the latest version available in GitHub (06/01/2019), I did not make any changes to the source, just compiled it, put the Easycore BG NPCs in the custom folder, set it to scripts_custom and started rAthena.

Apparently, rAthena does not recognize some set variables and some script functions. I have already tried to change the way the argument inside the parentheses is, but without success. I looked in the forum, also in the Herc, but I did not find anyone with a similar problem.

In this case, I did not make any changes to the script, though I declare it to work in scripts_custom.conf in this order:

// --- eAmod BG
npc: npc/custom/bg/bg_common.txt
npc: npc/custom/bg/bg_conquest.txt
npc: npc/custom/bg/bg_ffa.txt
npc: npc/custom/bg/bg_flavius_ctf.txt
npc: npc/custom/bg/bg_flavius_sc.txt
npc: npc/custom/bg/bg_flavius_td.txt
npc: npc/custom/bg/bg_rush.txt
npc: npc/custom/bg/bg_tierra_boss.txt
npc: npc/custom/bg/bg_tierra_dom.txt
npc: npc/custom/bg/bg_tierra_eoe.txt
npc: npc/custom/bg/bg_tierra_ti.txt

Below is the printscreen of the error given in the bg_common.txt script


[Error]:  Loading NPC file: npc/custom/bg/bg_common.txt
script error on npc/custom/bg/bg_common.txt line 42
    parse_line: expected ';'
    37 :        // Team Building Mode : 0 = Lineal | 1 = Random | 2 = Class Priority | 3 = Faction Mode | 4 = Team Color ( by script set Bat_Team,N; )
    38 :        set .TeamMode, 2;
    39 :        // Main Code
    40 :        // *****************************************************
    41 :        set .BG_Count, getarraysize(.BG_Arenas$);
*   42 :        set .BG_Queue, bg_queue_create'('"Battleground Arena","BG_Queue_Join::OnJoinEvent",80);
    43 :        set .VS_Queue, bg_queue_create("Free For All Arena","BG_Queue_Join::OnVersusJoin",80);
    44 :        // Move to Next Arena
    45 :        if( $BG_Index >= .BG_Count ) set $BG_Index,0; // Restart Rotation
    46 :        set .TotalArenas, getarraysize(.BG_Arenas$);
    47 :        set .BG_Arena$,.BG_Arenas$[$BG_Index];
script error on npc/custom/bg/bg_common.txt line 342
    parse_line: expect command, missing function name or calling undeclared function
   337 :                        mes "[^FFA500Battle Recruiter^000000]";
   338 :                        mes "Let's proceed with the registration...";
   339 :                        mes "You must wait on any City until BG starts.";
   340 :                        mes "Close this window to continue...";
   341 :                        close2;
*  342 :                        'b'g_queue_join getvariableofnpc(.BG_Queue,"BG_Queue_Join");
   343 :                        end;
   344 :                case 2:
   345 :                        if( getcharid(1) == 0 )
   346 :                        {
   347 :                                mes "[^FFA500Battle Recruiter^000000]";


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14 hours ago, Brein said:

I did not make any changes to the source,

Obviously Easycore's Extended BG needs SRC Mod.. 

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Posted (edited)

In fact I thought I had applied the diff. I'm so sorry!

And for current revision of rAthena, it's necessary to make many modifications in the last revision of the diff of this BG so that it works correctly.

But if you do not have patience (say laziness), you can download the rAthena revision (11b255e0e9cd2541ddd0e7c314b440f59627d07d),which has full compatibility, and the patch can be applied by Tortoise with no failures.

Edited by Brein

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