Database Encoding Problem (ISO-8859-1 to EUC-KR)

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I found a problem with this function

(src/common/strlib.cpp : normalize_name)


I am a Korean. So I wanted to create a character name in Korean.

after a long trial, I realized that Ragnarok client encode strings with ISO-8859-1.

So, in inter_conf.txt, I set the default_codepage to euc-kr.

But, I couldn't create a character name with '강' and '서'.

These words have been converted to '?'.

char* normalize_name(char* str,const char* delims)
    char* in = str;
    char* out = str;
    int put_space = 0;

    if( str == NULL || delims == NULL )
        return str;

    // trim start of string
    while( *in && strchr(delims,*in) )
    while( *in )
        if( put_space )
        {// replace trim characters with a single space
            *out = ' ';
        // copy non trim characters
        while( *in && !strchr(delims,*in) )
            *out = *in;
        // skip trim characters
        while( *in && strchr(delims,*in) )
        put_space = 1;
    *out = '\0';
    return str;

I checked that it worked as normal when the above function was removed.

But I'm not an expert on C++ so I don't know how to fix it.


Can someone help me?

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1. Your clientinfo.xml config should have next:


2. Now, you need to configure MySQL server (or MariaDB, or whatever you have) 

Options what is interesting for you is next:

default-character-set = utf8mb4

default-character-set = utf8mb4


3. Now, create a new database after applying these settings.

Will be created a database, with correct encoding (as far as I remember utf8mb4 support Korean characters pretty well).

4. Now, import your SQL files there, like you always do. (main.sql, logs.sql, etc)

5. Now, open your inter_athena.conf and find next option and make them hardcoded info what charset to use:

// You can specify the codepage to use in your MySQL tables here.
// (Note that this feature requires MySQL 4.1+)
default_codepage: utf8mb4

At this point everything will be okay, but depends on a lot of differences between a lot of charsets default in different regional operation system with national languages, charsets of the windows can be different, 1252, 1251, etc.

6. You can manually force a client to use utf8

For that, you need to download dininput.dll & ini file: DOWNLOAD DININPUT or ALTERNATIVE LINK  if the previous one will die.

7. And now run your client and play. Everything should be good.

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