October Digest 2018

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October Digest 2018
The following digest covers the month of October 2018.


Staff Changes:

  • None

Development Highlights:

  • CORE:
    • Fixed ers_destroy called too early in do_final_instance (0f8ce367)
    • Fixed IM_NONE idle timer issue (7d8530e3)
    • Fixed instance map issue (e66dc4f6)
    • Added script command getunits (10e7035b)
    • Initial release of the guild storage log (55acdb986)
    • Changed the default packetver to 20180620 (8e7b9a57)
    • Cleanup skill_damage mapflag for skill (d8e760fa)
    • Fixed free purchase from cashshop NPC exploit (180938d9)
    • Corrected equipment stripping success rates (04f127fd)
    • Fixed potential map server crash in clif_parse_Mail_setattach (21407227)
    • Added skill_duration mapflag (84b4f098)
    • Updated Gunslinger/Rebellion Bullet behavior (87032fc9)
    • Fixed Water Evasion and Freezing Spear combo (af205a88)
    • Removed code duplication for Guild Skills (98ba5490)
    • Corrected Solid Lunatic spawn amount at prt_fild08 (daebd300)
    • Updated item_buyingstore table (474cb7d9)
    • Corrected Repair and Shape Shift requirements (77ace906)
    • Corrected a SQL issue (5c031c73)
    • Added cards from ep14.3 (kRO 2018.09.21) (a31b34ba)
    • Renewal Monster updates (fe197bfa1, 5322c563, bcd419db)
    • Added items from kRO 20181002 (4c25aadf)
    • Added items from kRO 20160504 (5c891c53)
    • Corrected Airship_Boots item script (8cecb040)
    • Added missing mode for Nightmare Biolab monsters (a4fa8054)
    • Corrected an Imperial Set Combo (fece0abe)
    • Updated amount of items given from certain scroll boxes (b1200aa1)
    • Corrected some item combo bonus (edfaa546)
    • Initial release of Rock Ridge script (01a70999, 441e8f96)
    • Corrected some issues with Malaya Quests (2e9319af)
    • Updated Malangdo enchant weapon script (e2763068)
    • Initial implementation of Nightmare Biolab (33dcadda)
    • Updated NPCs in moro_vol map (0b18fe4b)
    • Initial release of Devil Tower memorial (58c520eb, efbb9fed)
    • Fixed some conditions in LV4 weapon quest (7066cac9)
    • Corrected Guild Storage Log SQL file (8a504c69, 3b7fbb0d)
    • Miscellaneous documentation update (5e7cb8a8)
    • Adding LGTM to CI tools (c0793a80)


  • Excluding merges, 10 authors have pushed 71 commits to master and 120 commits to all branches.
  • On master, 117 files have changed and there have been 22,609 additions and 5,417 deletions.
  • 59 Active Pull Requests
  • 63 Active Issues
  • 39 Merged Pull Requests
  • 20 Proposed Pull Requests
  • 32 Closed Issues
  • 31 New Issues

List of Contributors:

@admkakaroto, @aleos89, @anacondaqq, @Atemo, @attackjom, @AzarthMZintos, @Balferian, @cydh, @Everade, @exneval, @Indigo000, @JohnnyPlayy, @keitenai, @lelouch22, @Lemongrass3110, @mazvi, @officialwedevgames, @OptimusM, @Questune09, @sader1992, @secretdataz, @slyx88, @teededung, @vykimo, @zackdreaver


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