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Since I was a child I was used to use third party software to edit my scripts, and found this eNPC long ago (really long ago) and it suited me perfectly; lately I have come back to the scripting and dev works, and found the file hosted here is not available, BUT I do have the latest file added when it was downloadable so I started to think I would share the file via Open Source for the community to help grow this awesome tool.

The thing is, @Vince, the creator of this awesome software did state he would not share this file on one of his forum posts:


I'm not planing to release the sources right now, for two reasons : 

- The code needs refactoring

- All comments are in French (<== written for me / by me, as I never thought about releasing the source code).

But me, as a junior programmer, feel the need to share this tool (everything taking Github as the repository, I DON'T KNOW IF THIS IS HOW SHARING/OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARES WORKS); viewing this from an engineer point of view, some papers stop being protected by copyright after sometime so everyone else can use that piece of knowledge, so that is why I think I need to share this. I already sent a message to the forum admins (don't know if it worked) to hand over the file to upload it again on @Vince's post, so I think sharing the file that way is permitted.

So, I open this topic to discuss if I should (or someone else) post it online (Github¿?) to let other senior programmers to work and improve this software. Of course being optimistic here, taking as someone will improve this tool eventually.



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