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[Showcase] Love Beach

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In Mexico there is an interesting beach called the Love Beach or Playa del Amor.
I found it after the Navagio and it seemed to me that it can serve as an inspiration
for a small closed map in the RO world. Here it is, cool, sunny and grassy 😎






The beach itself is not crowded with objects to provide maximum event space for
such a small map, so I decided to fill in the background more. Thanks to the lighting,
the plants turned out to be juicy and it was enough to cover the screen with the standard
zoom of the character. Here you can hide together with your only love (or with the whole
friendly party) and hang out, or it can be a good place for an arena with big open water
for a water ball, or here you can make an instance to destroy the water monsters and MVPs : )

cp58xoE.png - Actually, on the beach so far is only this rock and awesome hot sand.

Hide yourself - X0McF9Y.png - if you can!

Dude, get out! This is my swamp! - ooRhL9T.png

Please rate it 😃 if the map is good enough

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Nice one, I like the way you make concept on small maps real like this one. Is a cute place to hang out 🙂

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