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custom server status script for FluxCP


hi guys

Could i request a custom server script for FluxCP? please

what i would like is the PHP code to show something like this

<?php if
  $loginserver = 0 && $charserver = 0 && $mapserver = 0 then $ServerOffline show Red circle
  else if
    $loginserver = 1 && $Charserver = 1 && $mapserver = 1 then $ServerOnline show green circle ?>

<?php if
      $WOE = 0 then show Red circle
      else if
        $WOE= 1 then show green circle ?>

<?php vendingplayers = amount echo amount ?> 

as you can tell i understand very basic PHP so I'm unable to fully understand how to achieve what i would like

i hope someone is willing to help me

thanks in advance

Kind regards


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so i would like to put my code here for you guys to tell me if Im on the right track please



$serverStatus[$groupName][$serverName] = array(
  'ServerOnline' => $athenaServer->CharServer->mapServer->isUp (),

should this combine all 3 to make it into one showing the server to be online or offline

hope you understand what i would like to achieve here

Kind Regard


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