Showcase: MIDICity Ragnarok Online

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Hello guys, Cyan Hijirikawa here, I created this thread to post some show cases of the work done inside MIDICity RO. Note, that some of these might be available for free release soon, so just wait for it on the other thread for MIDICIty Script Collections~

Note: This thread will slowly be updated as soon as new features are ready to be laid bare for the public to see.
Note: Some of these features may having some resources missing but is 100% functioning script-wise.

1. LoveLive! Gachapon System

This system has been inspired by @Emistry Card Recycler added with personal touches of my own.

@Cydh for the awesome suggestion of adding this feature into MIDICity RO.



2. Chain Chronicles Gachapon System

Coming soon

3. Mystic Messenger Gachapon System

Coming soon

4. Novice Tutorial

5. Hero's Grave Instance [ Low level ]

Coming soon

6. Chaos at the Cross Road Instance [ Novice ]

Coming soon

7. Sea Giant's Cave Instance [ Intermediate ]

Coming soon

8. Bear's Hideout Instance [ Intermediate ]

Coming soon

and more~

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Added Novice Tutorial as well as uploaded an improved version of the Gacha Video.


  • Improved cutins
  • Improved randomization so it wouldn't be too obvious you won already
  • Some cutins are just place holders
  • Some cards are just place holders (Porings)

Novice Tutorial

  • Still lacking one more "Stylish" instance before the airship
  • Still lacking proper rewards for each tutorial completion
  • Needs little more life probably

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This is the best! Keep up the good work! :) From this day i became your fan hehe, That intro vid before login and gacha is sugoi! I was hoping to use your script on gacha :( really interested.. anyways Goodluck! if i'm still a ragnarok player i would want to play in your server because of the features. More power!

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