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Hello everyone, Cyan Hijirikawa here, the Project Lead of MIDICityRO Project. As thanks to everyone from rAthena, I'll personally be releasing some of our scripts every now and then. I wish that these scripts will prove to be useful to other people.

These will be free releases, but I would like to ask people not to remove the Author notes and whatnot.

Halloween Collection Event Script


  • This is a finders-keepers type of event
  • Only the first person to find the npc on that map can win that map's reward
  • Rewards are randomized, if you want to change this and don't know how to do it, contact me

Classic Headgear Quest Script


  • This doesn't give headgear preview, but uses old-style RO headgear quest mechanic
  • This was messy, but yeah, it functions properly and as intended

Radio NPC


  • Basically let's you play a song of your own choosing from any of the available playlist
  • Be sure to follow proper formatting to keep it functional
  • Also, be sure to have the proper bgm files in your bgm folder for this to work


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Thanks for this! /no1

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You should post them on a git instead of a pastebin so makes posting updates easier. but ill +1 you since its nice to see people give back to community 

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