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new 3rd job sprite


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You just need to change the 3rd job sprite by including them on your new grf.

*be sure you have a copy of those sprites*

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You can find it here: https://rathena.org/board/topic/104923-job-spritethird-job-costumes-corrected/


But you must check if your palettes are compatible, because some of them dont look fine with the old 553 palettes.

BTW the correct implementation is adding a new folder in the grf in: 

data/sprite/¸öÅë/³²/costume_1 <--For Male

data/sprite/¸öÅë/¿©/costume_1 <-- For Female


And you can use it whit @bodystyle 1 with the jobs that have the sprite, some server use it in for alternative.


If you change the current is not necesary add the new fold.

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