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[Light Novel] Prologue only - Needs title

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Changed the setting a bit and provided it with more impact I suppose. Please have a read.


The area was filled with an ominous atmosphere, fear taking control of everyone. The unholy presence was undeniable; this was only a mere fraction of the Dark Lord’s unfathomable power; it was so intense that it sent chills through the spines of the veteran warriors who face this unholy being for the first time.

Standing atop the lone hill, was the dark lord himself. Gleaming in the darkness was its eyes that holds the color of blood, even with the distance between the warriors and the Dark Lord, one could feel the cold and unyielding gaze that came from it together with his jet black armor that contested the darkness portrayed by night, it was a sight to behold.

“Warriors of Light, I applaud you for your bravery, but alas, it will be short lived for I shall be taking your souls.”

“Tremble in fear as I, Dark Lord of the Seventh Hell, join you in battle.” Bellowed the Dark Lord.

The Warriors of Light ready their weapons, this was the end, this was what they came to do. This is a fight to save their world and forever banish the Dark Lord, ending his reign of chaos.

“In the name of Maiwa, Goddess of Light, Protector of the Righteous, I, Siel Axius, Paladin of the First Order, shall banish you from this lands Dark Lord!” declared a Paladin, donning an armor of pure white. Bearing the sigil of the empire on her shield, she marshals her forces onward to fight the Dark Lord.

“By the guidance of Elrune, I have come to cleanse this wretched lands from your evil clutches Dark Lord! You shall feel the wrath of us Wood Elves!” With these words, the elven faction, led by High Elf Priestess Shion, roared in support of their great leader.

“I am only worth a Paladin and a High Priestess? You underestimate my power humans and elves alike. Come at me with the intent to kill, if not, you shall perish a terrible death by my hands.”

The Dark Lord spoke with such conviction that the warriors responded only by grasping their swords, shields, rods and bows tighter. The battle was about to start, only a single spark can set this whole encounter aflame, and as if the heavens are watching this battle, lightning strikes!

As the thunder roared, the same can be heard from the Human and Elven Forces who gathered to take down the Dark Lord, they roared and charged at the lone figure standing atop the hill.

[ Dark Lightning ] spoke the Dark Lord in calm voice, as if it was nothing, however this was a spell even Grand Mages have a hard time to control, the Dark Lord made it look like it was some elementary grade magic spell, he used it without reserve or you cannot even hear a single strain from his voice. And then it happened, pure chaos brought down from the heavens through the form of Lightning came down to batter the formation of his attackers, however they were not phased and still charged through, some were burnt, but they did not bother to take care of the injured, they have come this far, they will end it here, this was the extent of their resolve.

As the human and elven forces draw nearer to their target, they were assaulted by a sudden surge of darkness, this was not ordinary darkness, it was darkness bathed with the malice and injustice only the true Dark Lord of the Seventh Hell can manifest.

Due to the intense fear it brought with it, many of the warriors halted, dropped their swords and their knees followed. They were trembling, fear has overtaken their resolve, they were now nothing but a broken shell of their selves. Some managed to move forward, however it required all of their effort and will power to do so.

“Everyone, retreat.” With a sigh of disbelief, Siel admitted defeat, their army could not move forward at this rate, however--

“Shion and I will be the ones to face the Dark Lord himself. Retreat back to a safe distance, we shall continue what we have started here today. For Maiwa, we shall free this land from his oppression!” with a resolve stronger than steel, Siel ordered their forces to stand down and retreat. This was the only option; the army they had organized was now nothing but a shadow of its former glory. Her men, brave and veteran warriors alike, were rendered useless with the darkness the Dark Lord has spawned, this was a fight that only her and Shion could take on.

“Let’s do this Siel. We can’t lose here. We have a world to protect, it is up to us to end this madness.” Whispered Shion to her close friend, Siel.

“Are you done? Shall we start this banquet of fears, my dear lovely knights?” the Dark Lord casted a menacing smile under his helm towards both warriors. He was mocking them, of course, what he demonstrated was only but a fraction of his true might, he deemed it was a waste of effort to begin with. They were clearly outmatched from the very beginning, but he was wondering, it was only a Paladin and a High Priestess, but what is this feeling at the back of his mind, he has never felt something like this before. He shrugged it off and taunted them again.

“Where is your bravado? Come at me you weaklings! I shall show you the power of a true Dark Lord!” and the Dark Lord waived his hand, inscribing runic symbols into the air, however it did not vanish, where his finger traced, fire followed and the runes could be seen by all.

“Shion, I leave the defenses to you. Just like how we did it back then. Let’s show this Dark Lord the true meaning of despair!” order Siel to his army.

“Siel, your evil side is showing~!” Shion playfully teased Siel, but was already mid cast of her protection spell.

[ Elrune’s Light ] chanted Shion as she holds her staff up in the air, the rings creating a melodious ringing, and light started to emanate from her staff.

[ Elrune’s Light ] was a defensive spell that works especially well with Darkness based attacks, the light green spark then slowly floated towards Siel. It was the perfect defensive spell for this fight, however, Shion knew this is not a fight that can easily be won. She braced herself for the oncoming onslaught and shouted

“Siel, you can go start attacking now. I’ll be sure to watch your back.”

“Thanks Shion, I owe you a few drinks. Let’s celebrate when we get back. Together with everyone.” Siel threw a brief glimpse at Shion. Despite Shion’s playful tune, her face was as serious as it gets. She knew what was at stake, and she knew, failure was not an option.

“Here I come Dark Lord, prepare yourself!” with a war shout that was even heard by the retreating army, Siel charged the Dark Lord, her sword shining with the brightness of sun, however it paled in comparison to the ever growing darkness the Dark Lord has summoned.

[ War God’s Blessing ], this was a skill that Siel has casted before her charge, it was a skill that significantly boost one’s holy attribute their for increasing any damage done to beings aligned with darkness. However, it was not a spell that can be used consecutively, even in the darkness, it was clear that Siel has taken some toll just by casting this spell.

“That’s right, come to me Holy Paladin, and I shall show you why I reign over this world for so long” roared the Dark Lord, and drawing his Great Sword from its scabbard, it sent a wave of Darkness throughout the area, and then it started to burn, burning with the same color as the Dark Lord’s eyes. It was deep crimson, the color of blood. With this the Dark Lord met Siel’s blows with ease, matching every move Siel makes, the Dark Lord parried every assault Siel sent his way. It would seem that the Holy Paladin was giving the Dark Lord a hard time, however--

“Are you quite done Holy Paladin? Your sword has dimmed; would you like to have some breathing room?” mocked the Dark Lord followed a sinister laugh. Of course, resting was out of the question and Siel knew this.

“Do not mock me you heretic! Oh guidance of Maiwa, may your perseverance provide me the strength I need for this ordeal! Orryahhhhh!” Siel raised her sword and swung it down, however the Dark Lord easily blocked her blow. Although the blow was completely blocked by the Dark Lord, he still managed to feel the strength of the blow behind it. It was marvelous, for the first time, the Dark Lord felt challenged. He was intrigued, curious of how much potential this individual has.

“Elrune, blind my foe, for they are not worthy enough to see the grace you have bestowed upon your land!” Shion was casting supportive and disruptive spells throughout the fight, and it proved to give Siel some breathing room in between clashes, it was imperative she kept doing this, if not, Siel would not last long against the might of the Dark Lord.

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However, there was no physical damage or any kind of damage whatsoever. However, this was just the beginning.

Shion sensed a presence behind her, however it was too late.

“Such a strong willed woman, however, delicate and naïve.” Whispered the Dark Lord on the ears of Shion, as she turned, there was nobody there.



I felt the freakin' charge part XD


but try to improve the above parts. You used a lot of "howevers" and "physical damage" can be elaborated and made even better to fit the Lore :D

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Now that you pointed it out, yes lol, overuse of words if I say so myself. Thank you for that Sir Ninja-kun xDD

Problem with the Novel:

- Quickly running out of names, it took me more than an hour just to finalize the first two character's names.

- Skill names are a bit iffy, makes my skin crawl at times LOL

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- Quickly running out of names, it took me more than an hour just to finalize the first two character's names.

- Skill names are a bit iffy, makes my skin crawl at times LOL



an hour? That is pretty quick.

Its okay man. good job :D

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Updated the first topic. Re-wrote the prologue, it's not quite done yet, so I hope people can provide feed back. Thank you :D

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