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Npc item stats changer


Hi, firstly I apologize for my English im Spanish!


I'm looking for a script for changing stats of an item, generally used in donation items..
example: I go with "X" item to npc, and allows me to assign the status that I prefer

Only STR

Only DEX

Only AGI

Dex and Str
All stats

something >_<

help me pls!

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this is an example, very basic

1101,Sword,Sword,5,100,,500,25,,1,3,0x000654E3,7,2,2,1,2,1,2,{ if(CharVar&1){ bonus bstr,1; }if(CharVar&2){ bonus bvit,1; } },{},{}
prontera,150,182,5	scrip	Repair	811,{
    mes "[Dood]";
    mes "Want me to boost your stats when using a sword?";
    if(select("No:Yes") == 1){ close; } else { next; }
    mes "[Dood]";
    mes "What stat?";
    set CharVar,select("Str:Vit:Both")

if you have questions about this look up Operators -> bitwise in your /doc/script_commands

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did you want this permanently on the item or changeable at will?


If( Permanently )

you can use getitem2 and the armor enchantment systems orbs


if( Changeable )

You need to change the items database entry to check for a variable (use a bitwise) and add stats based off that variable

then have the npc set and remove those variables through a series of menus

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thank you very much! Only now I have a question..


in this part: 1101,Sword,Sword,5,100,,500,25,,1,3,0x000654E3,7,2,2,1,2,1,2,{ if(CharVar&1){ bonus bstr,1; }if(CharVar&2){ bonus bvit,1; } },{},{}


as I add Str, Vit, Dex, agi, Int.. and Only dex and str or Only Agi and Int?? thanks!


EDIT: I need this script to Hat, Wings and aura.. It may be that the script, modify the hat, and wing of the player without losing the changes last?

now when I use a hat This takes the value of the wing to set before, not allow me to modify them separately.. help me :C

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