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  1. Hola buenas, tengo un problema en mi emulador, necesito hacer que el hatred pueda ser targeteado en el emperium, probe con skill_db.txt pero en mi emulador está reemplazado por skill_db.yml Tampoco se si se puede subir el daño especifico que hace el Star Gladiator hacia el emperium en caso que no lo anterior no pueda ser configurado. espero su ayuda gracias!
  2. Hi, I have mob suits on my server, example: an armor giving turtle general disguise, the problem is what a person use Cloaking skill, he sees his shadow, but the other people see it completely invisible even with maya purple.. help me pls! note: leave 2 images, one is the user that if you see your own cloaking with the mob suit, on the other another person who can not see..
  3. thank you very much! Only now I have a question.. in this part: 1101,Sword,Sword,5,100,,500,25,,1,3,0x000654E3,7,2,2,1,2,1,2,{ if(CharVar&1){ bonus bstr,1; }if(CharVar&2){ bonus bvit,1; } },{},{} as I add Str, Vit, Dex, agi, Int.. and Only dex and str or Only Agi and Int?? thanks! EDIT: I need this script to Hat, Wings and aura.. It may be that the script, modify the hat, and wing of the player without losing the changes last? now when I use a hat This takes the value of the wing to set before, not allow me to modify them separately.. help me :C
  4. I want changeable the time that the person wants, tells me how? thanks!
  5. Hi, firstly I apologize for my English im Spanish! I'm looking for a script for changing stats of an item, generally used in donation items.. example: I go with "X" item to npc, and allows me to assign the status that I prefer Only STR Only DEX Only AGI Dex and Str All stats something >_< help me pls!
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