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Website: https://ragnarok.lemongrass.at

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My name is Philipp, better known as Lemongrass or Lemongrass3110 around here.
I have been around the Ragnarok scene for a long time now. So if you do not know me, let me give you a short introduction.

I started as a noob that did not know how to compile back in 2005 during eAthena days. Back then I never knew what people were talking about when they told me I should recompile.
This just so you understand I also started just like most of you with no idea of coding or any server related work.

Learning how to run my own server and getting in touch with script and source coding made me switch my school around the same time and I switched to a higher technical education institute specialised in programming and company organisation.
After finishing my general qualification for university entrance in 2012 I decided to become a developer in the Java field.
Since I did not like the way companies treat newcomers I founded my own company back in 2017 and am offering my services for all kind of IT related task since then.

Service and offers

My offer includes custom scripts as well as source modifications.
Please not that since I am working as a professional in the IT field I am unwilling to work for 5$ for a big script or source modification.
I am doing this as a hobby in my spare time and I decide if the price you offer is good or not.
Keep in mind that I stand for good quality and offer fast and great support and that you should consider this being worth the money.
Generally I offer three price categories:

  1. Keeping your modifications private or
  2. Allowing to resell them or
  3. Making it publicly available after a certain time (based on an agreed time period)

The pricing is more expensive the more restrictive it is. Means if you want to have it kept private it will be the most expensive and if it is shared with rAthena or the community later on it will be the cheapest.

Basically if you contact me with a request please try to be as clear and detailed as possible what you want from me and what the goals and deadlines of your project are.
Try to contact me in understandable English or if you want in my mother tongue German.

If something is not working as expected I offer your support free of charge, as long as I might have understood your requirements wrong.
If you change your mind about the requirements this is a so called change request(CR) and you will be charged for it.

Once we agreed on the requirements and pricing I will send you an offer that you can accept or not from my company.
Upon agreement this offer is legally binding to you for payment to prevent any chargebacks.
The payment will always be in € (EURO) and I offer Paypal and SEPA as payment providers.

Reselling or sharing my work is forbidden, if not agreed on or paid for.

If you just want to buy me a beer (I know it is uncommon for a programmer, but I do not drink coffee), you can find some donation links here.

Work samples and feedback from previous customers

Generally I think you might know some of my work as I am in the developer team of rAthena.
If you have not seen anything from me please have a look here.


I am going to add samples and feedback of previous customers bit by bit, have to ask them for comments and what I am allowed to share here.


You can contact me here via a PM or in Discord Lemongrass#3654.
As for Discord you might have to join the rAthena server, so that we have a common server first so that you can contact me.
Please be aware that I take the right to not answer any "Sir plz help" messages.

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  • 5
   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

I would never doubt this guy, hire him and you'll get a very good result. ?

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  • 5
   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Great Dev and Very responsive to any of my answers. 100% Guarantee fast and reliable. looking forward on doing more business with you. thanks as always ?

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  • 5
   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Very friendly and works neat and clean.
Even after the order he helps with problems.
Always gladly and further to recommend.

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  • 5
   4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

Simply one of the best, competent, impeccable support, clean and functional codes.

If it were possible I would give 10 stars for the service.

I recommend it to everyone who needs a higher quality service.

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  • 5
   5 of 5 members found this review helpful 5 / 5 members

Stays true to high quality standards.
If you're looking for one of the top tier rAthena devs, Lemongrass' got you covered.

One of the few main pillars, the foundation of rAthena is based on.  ~<3

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